12 social media superlatives from #SolarEclipse2017


“It’s beginning.”

“It’s a big fat crescent.”

“It’s starting to get dark now.”

That’s what I overheard before the #SolarEclipse2017.

Also overheard by coworkers after the eclipse: “Oh did you need glasses? I had extra!”

And: “Wait … that’s it?”

Whether you got to see it or not, and whether you cared or not, the eclipse peaked around 2:41 p.m. in Charlotte. At 98 percent totality, office workers were gathered outside their buildings in uptown (some were ON their buildings in uptown), a huge crowd was partying at Sycamore Brewing and City Lights Rooftop, families were hanging out in Romare Bearden Park and First Ward Park. People were outside everywhere around town, wearing glasses, even sharing glasses.

And, as one would expect, everyone was on social media.

12 social media superlatives from #SolarEclipse2017 in the Charlotte area:

Greatest grammatical catch

Most legitimate contemplation

Most appealing eclipse snack

Best use of an eclipse snack

Best (and most disturbing) use of GIFs

Strongest show of spirit


Best play on words

Smartest outfit

Most accurate depiction of everyone’s attitude

Artsiest angle

Most eloquent vibe description

Most relaxed viewer on the planet

So. Was the solar eclipse the greatest thing that has ever happened to you? Or was it like Christmas morning, after you’ve torn all of your gift wrapping to shreds and realized that all that’s left is breakfast?

You can always get it right next time. The next total solar eclipse visible to the U.S. will actually roll by on April 8, 2024. While it won’t move directly across North or South Carolina, it will pass over major cities like Dallas and New York.

Don’t forget your glasses.

Photo: Corey Inscoe


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