S’mores galore: Where to satisfy your throwback craving—without the campfire and sticky fingers


Satisfy your summer s’mores craving, but skip the sticky fingers and campfire. Top chefs around town are drawing inspiration from the crunchy graham cracker, gooey marshmallow, and melted chocolate combination to create luxe desserts sure to have you going back for, well, s’more.


Featuring a chocolate brownie and crushed graham streusel topped with marshmallow that’s toasted for an authentic campfire flavor, this Uptown restaurant’s S’mores Trifle is as decadent as it is nostalgic. “We did it because a s’more is an American classic,” says Chef Jamie Lynch. “Everyone can connect to it or tie it to a memory, and we wanted to use that and do our own twist on it.” 5churchcharlotte.com

300 East

After Pastry Chef Ashley Boyd tasted a friend’s interpretation of s’mores at a recent food festival, she was inspired to try her own. “It made me excited to reimagine the ubiquitous s’more yet again,” she says. The S’mores Tart at this Dilworth restaurant features a sesame crust filled with a layer of tahini-honey ganache and topped with torched honey marshmallow. Accompaniments like whipped coconut milk and cacao nibs hint at the classic flavors. “Overall, it retains the s’more flavor profile—but with a little extra depth and interest,” says Boyd. 300east.net


No campfire? No problem. At this elegant Dilworth restaurant you’ll find the S’mores Chocolate Brownie, a dessert your inner kid is craving. “Summertime makes you think of campfires and being outside, and we took inspiration from some of our best childhood memories with chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, and turned it into something more decadent,” says Executive Chef Blake Hartwick. The result? A housemade chocolate brownie topped with crunchy graham streusel and a dollop of creamy white chocolate ganache, served with a scoop of the freshly made toasted marshmallow ice cream. bonterradining.com

This story first ran in the June 2018 issue of SouthPark Magazine.

Featured photo courtesy of 5Church


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