A few storefronts down from Amelie’s French Bakery & Café is NoDa@28th Creative Arts Studios, a space for small businesses. In April Brea Buffaloe opened Musa Moon there in suite F. It’s a small, but calming place for those who seek the healing powers of herbs, oils and alternative medicine.

Buffaloe, 26, has a varied background. She holds a business degree from Virginia State University, was a flight attendant, and is currently completing a master’s degree in therapeutic herbalism at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She’s also the author of “My Mind Won’t Be Still,” a 21-day guide to healing the soul.

At Musa Moon, Buffaloe sells more than 60 traditional herbs, and some harder to find ones like blue cornflower, mugwort and ginkgo. The shop has specialty teas, created by Buffaloe, for detox, fertility, nursing moms and energy.

Her Peace Tea is especially popular. Teas sell for $8 per ounce or 15 tea bags for $10.

The shop has chakra oils that are infused with herbs and essential oils in a roller bottle as well as crystals. She carries smudging sticks and aura cleansing spray. There are local products from Revolution Ego and Jun E Caniel Boutique available.

In addition to selling products, Buffaloe offers Reiki and Chakra Balancing sessions ($45-$55 per hour), and Full Moon and New Moon Circles ($10 for 90 minutes).

During an energy clearing Reiki session, Buffaloe uses the seven main chakras to begin the healing journey.

“I begin by assessing the body to see what chakras are open or closed,” she said. “It’s basically our energy systems.”

After the hour-long session, Buffaloe makes crystal and herbal recommendations and suggests ways to balance chakras. She also uses the Tibetan Singing Bowl for sound healing.

Buffaloe answered CharlotteFive’s questions for the Small Business Series:

How do you begin your day?

“I come in, most of the time I have my son (Musa, 2) with me. I like to sage, just to cleanse the energy. Refresh for the day. I will diffuse, I light candles.

“Sometimes I have tea for when people come in so we can sit and talk or receive in the healing of the tea.”

What can someone expect when they stop by your shop?

“I will let someone smell the aura cleansing spray first. I spray it in their hands to give them a reset.

“I believe we heal in different ways so I tell them about the herbs and show them to the crystals. A lot of people are afraid of the crystals so I show them the jewelry because you can still get benefits by wearing things.”

What can a reader expect from your book?

“I give self-love tips, journal prompts and herbal remedies. It’s just healing your soul. A lot of time we want to detox or we want to do something physical, but we have to connect to the emotional.”

Where did your startup money come from?

“Just saving up. Not going above my means. I just stayed in my own lane and then from there everything else came. I haven’t taken out any loans and I don’t owe anyone any money.”

How do you connect with your customers?

“A lot of times it’s their first time and I get to tell them about everything. I let them interact. I usually step back because I can show you what’s nice or what I like, I like (them) to intuitively pick what (they) need.”

Musa Moon, 2424 N. Davidson St., Suite 110-F
Hours: 3-8 p.m. Tues.-Fri., 1-8 p.m. Sat., by appointment Sunday and Monday

Photos: Musa Moon, Vanessa Infanzon

Family history and my own fascination with people and their motivations prompted me to begin this series about Charlotte’s small business owners. Industry, situation and questions will vary. Have a suggestion for a small business owner or entrepreneur to interview? Email it to vanessainfanzon@gmail.com with the subject line “Small Business Series.”