Ski Country Sports is Ready to Gamble [Partner]


We’re nearing the end of the winter sports season, and Ski Country Sports is hosting their annual Gambler’s Sale. In the spirit of keeping shopping fun and exciting while still providing customers with incredible deals, the Gambler’s Sale is much more than a simple end-of-year clearance. Here are five things you need to know about the event.

  1. Why is it called the “Gambler’s Sale?”
  • The sale is spread out over three weeks, with each progressive week witnessing a price discount. This means that the longer you wait to buy a product, the better deal you get. But if you wait too long, that item might be purchased by someone else. The “gamble” is in deciding whether or not you want to buy the item at the current price or wait until the next week and risk losing out.
  1. What’s on sale?
  • Winter gear, skis and snowboards are on sale. This includes apparel like parkas, shells and pants as well as accessories. And yes, even ski and snowboard equipment are on sale—which means you can get skis, poles, boots, bindings, and boards all at great prices.

  1. Should I buy now or wait until the third week?
  • That’s up to you, but we recommend snagging items that are almost gone or that are the perfect match for your style. The deals are great from the outset, so it’s best to snatch up items that you can’t live without. For everything else, weigh the odds and make your choice.
  1. When is the sale?
  • The sale starts on February 23rd with an initial discount of 20% off ski and snowboard equipment and 30% off apparel and accessories. On March 2nd, the discounts will increase to 30% off and 40% off, respectively, and on March 9th the sale’s final week will see astounding discounts of 40% and 50% off.
  1. Can I get help selecting the right items for me?
  • Of course! Helping customers is what Ski Country Sports does best. The folks there are always ready to assist you with your questions, and to make suggestions based on your specific needs and interests.

With those facts in hand, you’re ready for the Gambler’s Sale. Head down to Ski Country Sports and start shopping. The only question you have to ask yourself is: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?


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