This pop-up shop is all about supporting black-owned businesses

Courtesy of Jaired and Britney Epps. A Sip & Support event was recently held in Detroit.

The Charlotte community can rally around black-owned businesses this weekend as the Unstoppable Mvmt hosts Charlotte’s first Sip & Support pop-up at Recess Charlotte on Saturday.

Free to attend, the event begins at 1 p.m. and will feature local favorites like Always Primping Cosmetics, Semi Colon Soy Candles and Last Legacy clothing.

Created by Detroit-based entrepreneurs Jaired and Britney Epps, Sip & Support is just one of the few events that the couple’s brand, the Unstoppable Mvmt, plans to host around the country.

Courtesy of Jaired and Britney Epps

Building community

Founded in 2015, the Unstoppable Mvmt’s mission is to build a community that provides resources to black entrepreneurs.

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Inspired by successful entrepreneurial icons like the late Nipsey Hussle and Jay-Z, the brand’s name sets out to encourage a certain type of mindset for business owners — perseverance.

“One thing that I’ve heard over and over in Jay-Z’s interviews is that he just didn’t quit,” Jaired Epps said. “He wasn’t the only one doing what he was doing — he just was not the person who quit.”

Courtesy of Jaired and Britney Epps. A shopper visits a Sip & Support booth in Detroit.

Moving forward

For the Eppses, the secret to having a thriving small business is simple: Don’t give up.

“It’s really the people who don’t stop who find success,” Britney Epps said.  

Through their events, the Eppses’ biggest goal in life is to move their community forward in the fight for equality in education and wealth.

“The purpose of Sip & Support is to create face-to-face interactions,” Jaired Epps said. “This allows business owners to build relationships, and then from there, their business can grow from word of mouth — which is the strongest form of marketing.”

In addition to the traveling Sip & Support event, the duo also hosts an event called Coffee & Startups, which is focused on conversation and education. This event is what the founders call “a meeting of the minds.”

“We want to generate conversations and create solutions surrounding small business trials, as well as offer resources and an opportunity for black business owners to see the value in connecting with other entrepreneurs in their city,” Britney Epps said.

Courtesy of Jaired and Britney Epps

The couple encourages Charlotte’s black entrepreneurs to attend Coffee & Startups at Queen’s Coffee Bar from 10:30 a.m. to noon before attending Sip & Support at Recess Charlotte. RSVP for the Coffee & Startups event at Queen’s Coffee Bar here.

At Sip & Support, which is open until 4 p.m., there will be an on site DJ and a cash bar. Shoppers can RSVP for the event, and black-owned businesses can purchase a spot to participate as a vendor here.

Questions? Email the Eppses at



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