See inside the 4 themed, private karaoke rooms you can rent at Seoul Food Meat Company


Seoul Food Meat Company has something for everyone. Korean-style double-fried wings? Check. Rainy day specials? Check (half-off drafts and $4 wells). A back patio with 18 taps? Check.

But did you know it also has four themed, private karaoke rooms you can rent out for a party, work event or just an epic night out.

Before we get to the different rooms, here are a few things you should know:

– You must rent the room for a minimum of one hour.
– Each of the rooms is first come, first serve.
– You can reserve the rooms in person or by calling them at 980-299-5143.
– You can order food and drinks from the full menu.
– The reservations are most popular on the weekends.
– Hours of operation: Open Wednesday until midnight; Thursday–Sunday until 2 a.m.
– Anyone under 21 can’t be in the rooms after 9:30 p.m.

Now for the rooms.

Rock Star Room

– One of the the two largest rooms to rent.
– Can hold 25-30 people.
– $100 per hour

K-Pop Room

– The same size as the Rock Star Room.
– Can hold 25-30 people.
– $100 per hour.

Hip-Hop Room

– Medium-sized room.
– Can hold up to 17 people.
– $60 per hour.

Country Room

– Smallest room.
– Can hold up to seven people.
– $30 per hour.

Photos: Sallie Funderburk


  1. Hello! I wanted to know if each room had a different song selection based on the theme? (Country room only/mostly has country songs, Kpop room only/mostly has Kpop songs)


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