Please pass the sweet tea: Our top five porch perches [Partner]


Hot afternoons, a good book, sweet tea and sharing stories all go better on the porch. In the Carolinas, this favorite room can be used almost all year no matter the season. Don’t suffer from porch envy, call Savvy + Co. Real Estate today and find a perch that suits your personality.

Classic rocking chair front porch

This perfect spot brings it with a wide porch, large enough for friends and family to gather together and a ceiling fan to keep everyone cool. This one you need to see in person!

Neighbor meet and greet

This porch in Walnut Creek is situated perfectly to wave to neighbors, kids and four-legged friends walking down the street. Perfect place to practice your y’all. See it in person this weekend during the open house!

Bird’s-eye view

We love the vantage point this gorgeous porch provides. From this view you can catch all the neighborhood action. That’s just the beginning…check out this home in Midwood.

Expanded entertaining

This perfect, purple porch (sorry, I had to say it), expands your entertaining possibilities. Located right off the main part of the house, you can open the door and let guests spill out into the open air. Want to live in this adorable house? We do too.

Bookworm alert

This fabulous porch was made for your favorite summer bestseller. You’ve been telling yourself you need to read more, this porch can quickly help you accomplish that goal! Ready to start a new chapter?

So, which porch is perfect for you? Whether it is one of these five, or you had another type in mind, the professionals at Savvy + Co. Real Estate can help you find it. We are feeling more relaxed already.


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