Former Sauceman’s chef opening new old-school BBQ joint

Courtesy of Edmar Simoes
Former Sauceman's Pit Master Edmar Simoes is opening Ed's BBQ.

Chef Edmar Simoes has truly learned the art of North Carolina barbecue. The Brazil native and former Sauceman’s Pit Master is opening up his own down-home barbecue joint called Ed’s BBQ.

“I am in the process of finalizing things to open my own space,” Simoes told CharlotteFive. “My main goal is to work for myself and to continue to provide my customers with food that they enjoy.”

Edmar’s barbecue technique is self-taught — the process came easily for him. He got his start in Brazil, cooking alongside his mother.

American barbecue and Brazilian barbecue techniques are very similar, he said. “It’s all about the fire and smoking the meat just right to bring out good flavor.”

Parting from Sauceman’s

Courtesy of Edmar Simoes
Former Sauceman’s Pit Master Edmar Simoes is opening Ed’s BBQ.

The East Boulevard restaurant announced a few months ago that it would be relocating to Sugar Creek Brewing in Lower South End.

It was after that announcement that Edmar, who has been pit master for five years, decided to go his own way. “I really want to be my own boss and do what I know the customers will really like.”

According to Edmar, the new location of Sauceman’s plans to add several new menu options that aren’t on brand with what the company originally became known for.

Thus, he’s planning to step in and fill that void for fans who enjoy the barbecue and sauces they know and love.

What to expect at Ed’s BBQ

As Edmar prepares to open his latest venture, he is experimenting through his food truck, Passport Dough, typically parked at Unknown Brewing.

As far as his new space, it will be small and simple. Sauceman’s sauce fans, you have nothing to fear: Edmar’s famous homemade sauces will be available at Ed’s BBQ.

Order St. Louis style ribs, brisket, pulled chicken and more in quantities of half-pound or pound.

Sandwiches and entree plates, complete with sides, will also be available.

To keep things fresh, he’ll prepare mac and cheese, baked beans and red slaw daily. For those who are vegetarian or vegan, he will have a daily item just for you, too.

Catering may be added later — then, you’ll be able to order your favorite barbecue dishes for company and family events. Or at least, you can say that’s what it’s for and eat it every day for a week instead.

Ed’s BBQ will start out with lunch only; 11 a.m. until sold out. Extended hours will be added down the road.

The official location has not been announced, but here’s a hint: it will be very close to Old Meck Brewery in Lower South End.


  1. Soooo this guy is going to open a BBQ joint right down the street from where his former employer is opening a BBQ joint? Interesting business decision.

  2. So wait, the disgruntled former GM of Sauceman’s is going to take their recipes and open his own joint? He’s been experimenting with BBQ out of his pizza food truck? Who writes this garbage and publishes it as news? Wait until Saucemans ownership reads this and sues the guy for infringement of intellectual property. #fakenews

  3. Sauceman’s has always been “the” spot for BBQ in the South End. Moving to Sugar Creek hopefully finally gives them time to be open for me to go at dinner! This dude should stick to his food truck.

  4. So the cook is going to take his old employers recipes and open a small shop down the street? That’s going to go over well…. smh…

    • Who is the real pitmaster? The old alcoholic?? Who left to work for The Crunkleton and now he wanna be back because he can’t handle work hard.

  5. Everyone up above, you suck. This man was the brains behind that BBQ. Not to mention he was the one breaking his back working every position to keep the whole thing moving day after day.

    I am super excited for you Ed and cant wait to be a patron!

    • That BBQ was around before this guy, as we’re the sauces. Trying to take credit for someone else’s work is BS. Not discounting this guy worked his tail off but taking credit for the entire joint is laughable.

  6. Hey man, wishing you all the best. If you want to talk with a seasoned consultant, hit me up. Fees have been waived. Some of these guys are so negative because they can’t make it happen. They suck. We have never met but you have my full support.

  7. I’ve been eating at Saucemans for years since they first opened and have met many employees, all who have contributed to the restaurants success in their own way. Customers like myself have been coming since 2011 and will continue to support the business because while employees come and go the food and atmosphere has always stayed the same

  8. Self taught? Pittmaster for 5 years? His sauces? Is this article a joke? There are too many inaccuracies. Good luck to this former employee of Saucemans.

    • He’s been their pitmaster for 5 years but said he started cooking with his mother in Brazil. Weird why people feel the need to down this guy for going out on his own. Between closing the original spot and the uncertain future before the announced partnership at Sugar Creek, it’s no wonder he wanted to take his fate in his own hands. I wish the guy luck.

      • Don’t feel the need to down him. He’s a hard worker and smart guy. I don’t think it’s right to mislead people that have only been eating at Sauceman’s for a year. The pittmaster who taught Ed left Sauceman’s and helped open a new restaurant in Charlotte. I don’t blame him for going out on his own just don’t like to see such a misleading article. It seems like he is taking credit for the restaurant when he just managed what someone else had started.

        • Fair enough. I took it as a criticism of Ed vs the article. I see that now.

          I don’t know any behind the scenes stuff. I’ve been doing ‘cue a while and as I posted above I just don’t think there are really any secrets left. I cooked against Zach at a competition a few years back. Most pitmasters are open books and he was super helpful to our team. There’s only so many spices, types of wood, etc.

          I’ll try the new Saucemans and Ed’s. But need to get over to Noble Smoke first! Lol


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