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Give me a D-i-l-w-o-r-t-h! Why Sarah Martin is cheer captain of this neighborhood [Partner]


If Dilworth had a cheerleading squad, Sarah Martin would be the captain – and for good reason. And as an agent with Savvy + Co. Real Estate she loves showing newbies and long-time residents alike why she thinks Dilworth is a great place to live. From walkability to nice neighbors and beautiful, tree-lined streets, her clients love living here. We asked three Dilworth homeowners (and past clients) who recently bought a home in the area what turned them on to living in Dilworth and they let us have it. Give me a S (for Sarah of course!

Walkability is priority one

Clients Lauren and Francois have two children and live on Kingston Ave. 

C5: I understand you moved here from Pittsburgh. What neighborhoods were you considering when you first started looking?
L&F: Initially we were looking at Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood and Dilworth. We eventually settled on Dilworth and have moved once within the neighborhood.

C5: So, why Dilworth?
L&F: We decided on Dilworth because walkability was number one on our list. We also adored the bungalow style architecture and smaller size of the older homes. We wanted a more minimalist life.

C5: What do the kiddos think?
L&F: We love that we are so close to Latta Park in our new home – with small children, that is such a perk.

House with character, please

Nadya and Matt Lauro live on Lombardy Circle with their new baby and two dogs.

C5: How did you discover Dilworth?
N&M:We had both lived in Dilworth in apartments when we first moved to Charlotte 10 years ago and fell in love with the neighborhood.

C5: Sounds like your found your perfect place. Tell me about it.
N&M: Our house was built in 1931 and has had renovations, but still holds onto its original character. The walkability of the neighborhood also can’t be beat. Dilworth continues to develop and evolve, but never loses the charm we fell in love with years ago.

C5: What do you love most about the Dilworth community?
N&M: When we recently had our son, our neighbors were so helpful and excited for us, it really confirmed how great the community is.

Close to everything

Meagan Humphrey and Stephen Mulvey live on Lombardy Circle.

C5: How would you describe Dilworth to someone who has not been here?
M&S: We love the character of the historic homes with the giant oak trees, picture perfect porches and sidewalks. The neighborhood is perfectly located for easy access to all of Charlotte’s neighborhoods!

C5: What nearby activities do you enjoy?
M&S: Walking to Freedom park – especially now during the Freedom Summer Jazz Concerts – running along the Sugar Creek Greenway, shopping the mix of boutiques, dining at restaurants on East Boulevard and picking up fresh produce Saturday mornings at Kings Drive Farmers Market.

C5: How are the neighbors?
M&S: Everyone in the neighborhood is extremely friendly and are always taking advantage of the beautiful Charlotte weather. We love EVERYTHING about the Dilworth community.

If you are ready to join this awesome crew of happy homeowners in one the best neighborhoods in Charlotte, contact Sarah Martin. She will be there to cheer you on every step of the way. Go Dilworth!



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