With beer and waffles under the same roof, worlds were bound to collide at Salud Beer Shop.

Tonight the NoDa bar and bottleshop hosts Wafflemania, an event showcasing two of the latest beers to come out of Salud Cerveceria, the in-house nanobrewery manned by brewers Denny Deaton and Shawn McBride. For these latest beers, Deaton enlisted the help of Jeff McElwee, who manages the beer store’s deli, Fūd at Salud.

“Jeff and I have become good friends since I started brewing there, and we’ve always kicked a couple ideas back and forth around brewing a beer,” says Deaton. “We wanted to make them representative of both Salud and Fūd at Salud, and so I think the most natural thing was waffles.”

So it was that a couple months ago, McElwee cooked up around 20 Belgian waffles for Deaton to use in an imperial chocolate stout. The waffles went right into the beer while Deaton was mashing in the grains.

“We decided to put them in the mash,” he says. “Given the fact that waffles came from grain it’s kind of a natural thing to give the beer a little sweetness, but it’s also just kind of a fun novelty.”

While there’s no getting around the novelty of a beer brewed with waffles, Deaton anticipates the waffles will provide a touch of sweetness and a bready quality.

And what’s a waffle without the toppings? After aging for about a month, Deaton divided the 10 percent stout into two different treatments, both inspired by two of Fud at Salud’s signature waffle-wiches. The Frambella version was aged on fresh raspberries and toasted hazelnuts, and You’re Killin’ Me S’mores was introduced to cacao nibs, lactose sugar, vanilla bean and smoked cherrywood sea salt.

They will tap both tonight at 7 p.m. For just $25, you get a 13-ounce pour of both beers, two waffles, and two prints from artist Brett Toukatly. There’s also a version that blends both of these called Cuveé de Wafflés (available for purchase separately).

wafflemania-beersDeaton and McBride both have day jobs, so they brew when they can at Salud. And with a small, one-barrel brewhouse, their beers usually don’t stay on tap for long. They have just a couple of kegs of the two Wafflemania beers, and then one of the blended version as well.

Can’t make it for Wafflemania? Look for more coming soon from Salud Cerveceria, including a saison that was fermented with Brettanomyces (a wild yeast) and aged on peaches. They’re also gearing up for Release the Funk 4: Baptized in the Funk, which will take place from noon-4 p.m. at the Neighborhood Theatre Nov. 19. Tickets for that event are $70 and go on sale this Thursday, Sept. 15 at www.saludbeershop.com. 

Photo: Salud Beer Shop
Illustrations: Brett Toukatly


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