The 15 most incredible salads in Charlotte, ranked

Photo by Katie Toussaint

The saddest thing in the world is a salad with no substance. I’m talking a small, flimsy salad crafted of nothing but lettuce, tomato and carrot shreds. Maybe even a few slices of cucumber, and some ranch dressing.

How depressing.

Luckily, the Charlotte dining scene has an abundance of gorgeous, hearty salad options for salad worshipers such as myself, vegetarian or carnivorous. And as intriguing as the Chopt salad concept is (how do they stay so busy?), let’s talk local options today.

Here are 15 of the most incredible salads in Charlotte, ranked.

(15) Southwestern Chopped Salad at Leroy Fox

705 S. Sharon Amity Road and 1616 Camden Road, Suite 150

What’s on it: Grilled blackened shrimp tossed with romaine, black bean corn salsa,
red onion, cilantro, tortilla strips and pineapple sriracha. (Vegetarian friends: Ask for an extra heap of black bean corn salsa on that puppy in lieu of shrimp.)

Price: $14

Tip: The lettuce is always bright and crisp, and the tortilla strips pack a satisfyingly salty crunch. Plus, you can order this salad as a wrap instead, if you’re in sandwich mode.

(14) Rhyhno Salad at Rhino Market & Deli

1500 W. Morehead St. #E and 400 S. Tryon St.

What’s on it: This is the kind of salad worth getting to-go, to combat sad-desk-lunch blues, with its mezculin mix, dried cranberries, carrots, tomatoes, croutons, roasted pecans, onions and a choice dressing. You can add chicken or portabella for $1.99.

Price: $7.49

Tip: You can order a secret scoop of hummus. It’s treated like an added meat in price. (You’re welcome.)

Photo by Katie Toussaint

(13) Scoop Salad at The Common Market

2007 Commonwealth Ave., 4420A Monroe Road, 235 W. Tremont St. (in spring 2018)

What’s on it: A bed of mixed greens, tomato, cucumber and carrots heaped with a generous scoop (or two) of chicken, tuna, hummus, tabbouleh, “chickenless” or egg salad.

Price: $6.25 for one scoop, $8.25 for two scoops

Tip: For heaven’s sake, get two scoops of whatever it is you’re craving. The hummus is eternally creamy and thick, and extra satisfying with a generous drizzle sriracha.

(12) Taco Salad at Sabor Latin Street Grill

8 locations including 415 Hawthorne Lane and 3205 N. Davidson Street

What’s in it: Shredded lettuce paired with queso, rice, refried/black beans, pico de gallo, sour cream, cotija cheese and a choice of protein. Proteins included in the price are ground beef, shredded chicken, grilled chicken, black beans, grilled veggies and cheese. Proteins for an additional $1 are grilled steak, chorizo sausage, al pastor pork, tofu ranchero (om nom!). Proteins for an additional $2 are grilled tilapia and grilled shrimp. All of this is thrown into a flour tortilla bowl.

Price: $7.25 (with base protein)

Tip: Take your stuffed tortilla bowl over to the salsa bar and lop on a variety of salsas.

(11) The Namastay Bowl at Namastay Kitchen & Hangout

274 S. Sharon Amity Road

What’s in it: This earthy bowl of goodness features brown rice and quinoa salad, shredded carrots, cucumber and avocado with ginger dressing — and it’s everything you crave after a yoga class (especially if you take one at Y2 Yoga next door). Add a protein in the form of grilled chicken breast ($5), beet burger ($5), fried tofu ($4), sweet potato falafel ($4), salmon ($8), turkey burger ($7), cast iron hanger steak ($12), Creekstone Farms all-natural beef burger ($8), roasted pork belly ($6), shrimp ($4), fresh lobster meat ($14), garlic-braised beef short rib ($9).

Price: $11 (without added protein)

Tip: If you’ve never tried sweet potato falafel, the time is now. Imagine crispy clouds of deliciousness.

(10) Hummus Salad at Metropolitan Cafe & Catering

138 Brevard Ct.

What’s in it: The salad at this Turkish hole in the wall is simplistic, with hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, black olives and cacik sauce. The whole combination is so cool and fresh.

Price: $6.99

Tip: Take your salad up the narrow stairwell to the often-overlooked upstairs lounge. You can snag a stool by the window for a view of the French Quarter.

(9) The Great Big Salad at Fran’s Filling Station

What’s in it: The name says it all. This is a giant, lovely salad with beets, green beans, goat cheese, garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds and a dressing of your choice (I love the dijon). Add protein in the form of lemon herb chicken or crispy chicken ($6), pan roasted salmon ($12) or shrimp ($9), or quinoa tabbouleh ($4).

Price: $7 for a small portion, $12 for a large portion (without extra protein).

Tip: The large portion is the only way the salad name makes sense. Order accordingly.

Photo by Katie Toussaint

(8) Super Grain & Avocado Salad at Kid Cashew

1608 East Blvd.

What’s in it: Expect an elegant presentation of garden greens mixed with tri-color quinoa, fennel, pistachio, mandarin orange, cilantro yogurt and lemon vinaigrette. You can add protein in the form of wood-fire-grilled Scottish salmon ($7), wood-fired portobello ($4), fire-roasted shrimp ($6) or pulled wood-fired chicken ($4).

Price: $9.95 (without additional protein)

Tip: If you’re hankering for some extra heartiness, someone needs to split that baked spinach and feta dip ($7.95) with you, STAT. It’s served with pita.

(7) Quinoa Cobb Salad at Fern, Flavors from the Garden

1419 East Blvd., Suite A

What’s in it: If you’re debating between something breakfast-y and something more substantial, coconut bacon is what you need. That’s what you’ll find here, artfully arranged with green bell pepper slices, red onion, avocado, quinoa, cherry tomatoes and mixed lettuce with a tahini vinaigrette.

Price: $13

Tip: Bring a date and split the vegan Buffalo Cauliflower, breaded and fried and served with buffalo sauce and buttermilk dill ($10).

(6) BBQ Salad at The Improper Pig 

110 S. Sharon Amity Road and 202 Main St., Fort Mill, SC

What’s in it: Whether you’re a meat-lover or just want something meaty (hello, smoked tofu), this is the answer to your salad dreams. Choose pulled pork, chicken or smoked tofu to place atop mixed greens, roasted sweet potatoes, pickled onions, cheddar cheese and carrots, swirled with honey mustard dressing.

Price: $12.

Tip: You may need a takeout box. The portion is delightfully gargantuan.

Photo by Katie Toussaint

(5) Chopped Salad at Paco’s Tacos & Tequila

6401 Morrison Blvd., #8a

What’s in it: So fresh, so crisp, with hints spice and sweetness in a glorious blend — this salad is mountainous, with romaine, chopped tomato, jicama, sweet onion, avocado, scallions, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, corn, roasted red peppers and queso fresco with the added creaminess of a chipotle ranch dressing. (Because chipotle is really the only thing that can save ranch from itself.)

Price: $7 for a small salad, $10 for a large salad

Tip: I’m sorry. Why would you not order the large portion?

(4) Tahini Salad at Pinky’s Westside Grill

1600 W.Morehead St. and 9818 Gilead Road B-101, Huntersville

What’s in it: When you want something fresh and light, with an edge of fried danger, get the Tahini Salad featuring four falafel cakes floating atop mixed greens, red onion, cucumber, feta cheese, tomato, pepperoncini and toasted sesame seeds with tahini dressing. You can also add bacon ($1.50), chicken ($3) or six shrimp ($5).

Price: $7.50, without added protein.

Tip: For some extra veggie protein, order a side of the black-eyed-pea salad ($2.75).

(3) Rawco Taco Salad at Living Kitchen

2000 South Blvd. Suite 300 and 4521 Sharon Road, Suite 175  

What it is: Indulge in spicy, raw deliciousness with slices of avocado, pico de gallo, sprouts, walnut-almond meat and cashew sour cream presented on a bed of romaine and served with hot sauce and sun dried tomato sesame crackers. For some more oomph, you can add a veggie burger (I recommend the Fire & Brimstone for the heat) or trumpet mushroom bacon for an additional $5.

Price: $14.50 without additional protein

Tip: Ask for extra hot sauce.

(2) Katie’s Build Your Own Salad Bowl at YAFO Kitchen

720 Gov Morrison St.

What’s in it: I am repeatedly beamed back to this place like an alien to its spaceship. So I’m going to tell you exactly how you should build your own bowl: Romaine as the base, lusciously topped with baba ganoush and the Moroccan Zaluk spreads, plus cucumber and tomato salad, purple cabbage slaw, sumac onions, kalamata olives, chickpeas, beets, feta cheese, pickled cucumber, tabbouleh and a scoop of roasted Brussels sprouts.

Price: $10.80 for my creation. Pricing varies per protein choice, with additional options like Shawarma Chicken ($2), falafel ($2), beef kofta ($3), Baharat spiced beef and pine nuts ($3), roasted mixed mushrooms ($2), and pulled rotisserie lamb ($4).

Tip: Also ask for a side of tahini and a side of schug (cilantro jalapeno sauce). And maybe some Granch (Greek yogurt ranch).

[Insert mic drop here.]

A thing of beauty. Photo by Katie Toussaint.

(1) Citrus Crab Louie at Hello, Sailor

20210 Henderson Road, Cornelius

What’s in it: Avocado, egg and brown butter saltines with lettuce graced with the creamiest dressing. I give this the No. 1 slot (a) even though I swapped additional eggs for the crab with my order and (b) purely because I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. It’s delicate and light, and something about the salty cracker crumble contrasted with the sweet, creamy dressing is truly divine.

Price: $16.49

Tip: If’ you’re a desperate vegetarian like me, the chef is kind enough to add additional egg (so, so jammy) in lieu of crab.

Photo by Katie Toussaint

Salad lovers, rejoice.

Did I miss anything amazing? Comment below.


  1. whats the address for Paco’s address

    All the salads at Arthurs in Belks Southpark are huge, reasonably priced and crazy good if not better than Frans or Common Markets

  2. The Kid Cashew salad you mentioned is my fave with salmon. So good! I also love the Greek Salad at Cowfish. Grilled chicken, fried pepperoncinis, roasted red peppers, artichokes, lemon feta vinaigrette … yum.

  3. Nikkis.salad on Beatties Ford Rd…@Nikkis…out of the door orders for this salad…you can only get it between 11:30-3…fills the WHOLE take.out container!!…the best for years!

  4. Nikki’s Salad @ Beatties Ford / Lasalle. Cash only spot. Closes at like 3pm. Get the salad with an extra honey mustard, and thank me later.

  5. The Midwood Chopped salad (Midwood Smokehouse) with either pulled chicken or smoked salmon is A++ – even the “small” ($5) is plenty sizeable for a meal!

  6. Buffalo chicken salad at Leroy Fox all the way. I sub fried chicken instead of grilled. The buffalo vinaigrette is insanely good!


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