In 1998 artist Christopher Janney created the multi-media Touch My Building on the side of Uptown’s 7th Street parking deck. More than 400 panels cover the nine-story façade of the building in a variety of colors. These include 30-foot-tall “light fins,” which, when touched, light up and play a mix of melodies.

The wall, which is just outside of 7th Street Market and faces the 7th Street light rail stop, is a favorite for both children and adults who enjoy watching it light up and hearing it play. But in addition to the random play and the hourly vibrant light and sound performances by the panels, there are more mysterious qualities to its tunes.

Occasionally, with no apparent timing, the building will simply play a piece, prompting some to say that a ghost resides within its walls. There is also a riddle on the side of the building, which can be deciphered to play a pattern, and will ultimately result in the building responding with another light and sound show.

Visit the 7th Street Parking Garage

WHAT: The eastern facing façade of the Bank of America 7th Street Parking Deck

WHERE: 225 E. 6th Street, adjacent to the 7th Street Market

COST: Free

PRO TIP: Visit at night when the light show is especially impressive.

This story comes from Sarah Crosland’s book “Secret Charlotte: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure,” which you can buy on Amazon here or at local shops like Park Road Books and Paper Skyscraper. It’s a great read for anyone who loves Charlotte — and we’re not just saying that because she’s our former boss.

Photo and Video: Colby Alvino


  1. I think you left out a part of your article, namely the answer to the title of the post: “What is the riddle that, if deciphered, results in a light and sound show at an Uptown parking garage?”