Buying or selling a home in Charlotte? Ribbon is changing the real estate game


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You might be a home buyer or seller in Charlotte if the following questions are keeping you up at night:

Will the mortgage come through? Will the home appraise? What issues will an inspection uncover? What do I need to do to close? How do I manage the timing of my current home sale or rental lease, qualifying for the school district we love and relocating for a change of jobs? 

A cup of warm milk and visit to Ribbon should calm those fears and inspire happy visions of home ownership and seamless sales.

Ribbon has been helping home buyers and sellers in Charlotte since May 2018 and works with real estate agents (including yours) to create a positive home buying experience.

The real estate housing squeeze and the need for a faster, seamless, transparent (dare we say almost fun?) process of buying or selling a home in a tight market has finally been made easier. Ribbon puts buyers, sellers and real estate agents in control of the transaction from the beginning.

“Buying a home is a milestone to be celebrated and enjoyed. However, if you are a first-time homebuyer or you need to sell your existing home prior to buying a new home, the current homebuying process is an intimidating and stressful experience,” said Ribbon CEO Shaival Shah.

“We solve this problem by buying and reserving a home for a family, so they can secure their mortgage in peace without the risk of losing the home they love. For the first time, we are bringing simplicity to the real estate transaction by absorbing all risk, so buyers, sellers and realtors can focus on the joy of the home buying and selling experience.”

Curious about how Ribbon could help finally make your home buying dream come true or assist you in the sale of your home? Here’s a quick rundown.

What is Ribbon?

Ribbon gets to know clients then directly backs homebuyers with the power of a “Ribbon Offer”, which gives them the ability to purchase a home in all-cash and guaranteed to close. Buyer affordability and home valuations are fully approved – same day – making the offer experience fast, transparent and predictable. If a homebuyer can’t close with a mortgage on time, Ribbon will buy and reserve the home on behalf of the homebuyer.

Homebuyers that use Ribbon have a 90% chance of having their offer accepted! This saves thousands of dollars in cash discounts and guarantees a 100% on-time closing.

Are you sleeping better already?

Why did Ribbon choose to launch in Charlotte?

I mean, really, who doesn’t love the Queen City? Take a look at these stats (and feel free to use them at your next get together to impress your friends).

  • Zillow recently ranked Charlotte the 4th hottest market in the country (Source: Zillow)
  • Charlotte is the 3rd fastest growing big city in the country (Source: Source: Charlotte Chamber)
  • 10 year population growth rate of 60%
  • 44 people move in every day
  • Charlotte was named the 2nd hottest metro in America for economic growth potential (Source: Charlotte Stories)

Ribbon goes where needed – places that homeowners are having a hard time securing new homes and face tough competition from investors and corporate buyers. Sound familiar?

In fact, Ribbon will expand into 10 new markets by the end of 2019 and is already busy helping home buyers and sellers in Cary, Asheville, Fort Mill and Indian Land, SC.

Who is it for?

Ribbon is a great fit for first-time home buyers who continue finding themselves in multiple offer situations due to low inventory, buyers who need to sell or relocate quickly and those wanting a good deal on their home. And (major plus) Ribbon Offers is FREE to home buyers.

Ribbon empowers home buyers to bid, win and move in to a new home without the requirement of a mortgage. Buyers can secure their home, guarantee their move-in date and have the flexibility to secure their mortgage on their own terms, before or after they move-in. Buyers receive their personalized “Ribbon Buying Power” which enables them to make highly competitive all-cash “Ribbon Offers” on any home in the market.

Ribbon can also help sellers who need to sell in a timely manner and remove any home sale contingencies and convert bids into cash guarantees. Sellers receive home inspections and home value reports to certify their homes with Ribbon creating buyer trust. Buyers are free to make offers with a fast, guaranteed closing and receive fair market value. Sellers pay the Ribbon fee at closing on behalf of buyers.

How does it work?

The Ribbon platform utilizes technology, intuitive software and access to capital to equip consumers and real estate agents with the power of a guaranteed home transaction. Translation: Ribbon believes in being transparent with all information and giving clients a fantastic experience with a user-friendly platform designed just for the user.

Ready to work with Ribbon? They are ready to work for you step-by step.

If you’re a buyer:

1. Receive your Personalized Buying Power in 15 minutes with no documents to upload.
2. Obtain special access to Ribbon Certified homes or pick any home in your area.
3. Get a Ribbon valuation on your home prior to bidding.
4. Design your offer and preferred move-in date, powered by Ribbon, to win your bid.
5. Secure your mortgage before or after your move-in.
6. Receive the keys to your new home and start hanging pictures.

If you’re a seller:

1. Provide photos prior to listing of your home.
2. Receive your Ribbon value on your home – Ribbon will back a buyer up to this value.
3. Ribbon dispatches an inspector to the home and provides the information to the listing agent for review.
4. Determine if you want to make repairs or sell as-is (we love having choices).
5. Get your certification letter and market your home as Ribbon Certified.
6. Convert a buyer into a Ribbon guaranteed offer to ensure your closing happens on time!
I’m ready to do this, how do I get more info?

For more information, or if you have questions contact one of Savvy + Co.’s Ribbon Certified Agents.

Wake up to the power of Ribbon and Savvy + Co. Real Estate.

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