Which Charlotte restroom was named among the best in the country?

Courtesy of Remy Thurston and Ben Pien
The restrooms at La Belle Helene in Charlotte.

Quick: name the Charlotte restaurant most known for its restroom selfies.

If you said Salud, The Crunkleton or Undercurrent Coffee, you’d be close. 

But if you guessed La Belle Helene, you nailed it. The uptown French brasserie, already locally famous for the selfies taken in its vanity mirrors, is now gaining national fame as a finalist in the 18th annual America’s Best Restroom Contest.  

This contest, sponsored by Cintas Corporation, strives to recognize and celebrate creatively designed restroom facilities across the country.  

La Belle Helene’s restroom was designed by Parisian architect and designer Richard LaFond. It features a selfie wall that reflects the correct way for mirror selfies, along with flattering, soft lighting and classic Parisian-inspired architecture and bronze hardware.

Courtesy of Remy Thurston and Ben Pien
The selfie wall at La Belle Helene.

Several unisex bathroom stalls surround a central basin with vanities and sinks for handwashing and primping — as seen in brasseries in France.

“We wanted to carry the stylish design and ambience of the restaurant into every part of the experience, which meant adding class and creativity to the bathroom, as well. We were inspired by the shared unisex setup often seen in Europe and added the beautiful white tile, selfie mural and big mirrors to maintain a modern look and feel,” said Scott Steenrod, managing director at Constellation Culinary Group, which manages operations and culinary teams at La Belle Helene.

Other contenders include: 

(1) Jianna Restaurant

Greenville, South Carolina

Courtesy of Jianna

(2) Jupiter Next

Portland, Oregon

Courtesy of Jupiter Next

(3) LaGuardia Airport Terminal B

New York City

Courtesy of LaGuardia Airport

(4) Mourad

San Francisco, California 

Courtesy of Dan Tale

(5) Nashville Zoo

Nashville, Tennessee

Photo by Byron Jorjoria

(6) Natick Mall

Natick, Massachusetts

Courtesy of Natick Mall

(7) New Museum of Contemporary Art

New York City 

Courtesy of the New Museum of Contemporary Art

(8) Sea-Tac Airport North Satellite Terminal

Seattle, Washington 

Courtesy of Sea-Tac Airport

(9) The Butcher and the Brewer

Cleveland, Ohio

Courtesy of the Butcher and the Brewer

You can vote for La Belle Helene or your favorite restroom here until Sept. 13. 



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