Keep your resolution to earn your MBA this year with Gardner-Webb University


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The year is officially 2019, and it’s time for a new you! Most of us use the new year as a way to make life-changing resolutions to better ourselves. This year, one of the best ways to improve your life is to earn your MBA.

Don’t think you can do it? You can at Gardner-Webb University. Experts there have unveiled a new 10-month MBA program that you can fit into your working life, which adds to an already deep well of educational options. Check out the details below.

Get your degree in as little as 10 months.

The new, totally online, 10-month MBA program is designed to be completed in less than a year. This makes it ideal for a 2019 New Year’s resolution you can keep. Think about it: This time next year, you could have a master’s degree in Business Administration!

Fitting all of the necessary information into a 10-month regime of courses is intense but worth it. Students interact and network with each other through the internet and have access to guest lecturers from the business world. Everything in the program is geared toward real-life, practical applications of the coursework, with projects and simulations a key focal point.

Don’t break the bank on education.

Plenty of New Year’s resolutions are about saving money, and Gardner-Webb has ensured that you don’t have to break that resolution to pursue your education. The new 10-month MBA program is competitively priced at $19,800.

Plus, the university recently renewed its accreditation. This means that students continue to have access to federal funds for education loans and may not have to finance their schooling on their own.

Why make an MBA a priority in 2019?

Typical New Year’s resolutions include going to the gym more often, quitting cigarettes, eating a healthier diet and other important personal health goals. Getting an MBA is not a common resolution, so why should it be yours?

Simply put, getting your MBA can greatly increase your status in the job market. Graduates of the Godbold School of Business at Gardner-Webb University have gone on to secure positions as chief financial officers, chief executive officers, health care administrators, software analysts and other high-profile positions. The degree is also vital if you want to become the owner of your own small business.

Give yourself the gift of confidence and set yourself up for success in 2020 with an MBA from Gardner-Webb University this year.

Want to learn more about the 10-month MBA program and other educational options at Gardner-Webb University? Click here for more information.


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