Reflections: What made your wedding unique to you?


Our summer 2018 issue of Carolina Bride was the ‘ingredients’ issue. We asked local brides what was the ingredient that made their wedding uniquely special to them. Their answers go to show that when planning your wedding, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and to the dynamic of your relationship.

“The detail that was most meaningful for me was being able to wear my mom’s wedding dress. I was so fortunate to only have to try on one dress before knowing it was the one. CJ at JMajors Boutique took my mom’s ’80s poofy-sleeved, Princess Diana-inspired dress and transformed it into modern-day elegance. My mom saved it for me in her closet for 26 years hoping that when it was my turn to wear it I would want to, and I did. It was in near-pristine condition and really brought our southern-proper wedding theme together. Although there was very little modification done the dress looks completely different.” Rachel Yokel

Rachel and Rob Yokel were married on April 22, 2017
Photo credit: Blest Studios

“The most critical aspect of my wedding day was my dress. Not only did I want to feel beautiful, but I wanted to be comfortable and be able to have fun and dance. I wanted to choose something timeless that would make me feel confident, while also staying true to myself and my own style. The incredible dress designer, Sassi Holford, allowed me to pick my favorite parts of a few of her dresses and combine them into my dream dress.” Courtney Lamb

Courtney and Will Lamb were married on December 2, 2017
Photo credit: Erica Berry, with Erica Serrano Photography

“I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Looking back, the time I had with Matt before the ceremony calmed my nerves. Once the ceremony started, it was a whirlwind.” Meghan Skinner

Meghan Skinner and Matt Rogers were married on October 7, 2017
Photo credit: Tonya Russ Price with Poprock Photography

“I held my dad’s hand really tight as the doors of our church opened. I was so nervous and (all my nerves) went away as soon as I locked eyes with my husband.” –Charlitta Hatch

Charlitta and Mark Hatch, Jr. were married on April 4, 2015
Photo credit: Tim Hines Photography 

“The venue (Dairy Barn, Fort Mill, NC) was probably first on my list. I felt the venue needed to create the perfect ambience and backdrop for our theme, pictures, and creating memories with family and friends.”
—Jacqueline  Kisicki

Jacqueline and Peter Kisicki were married on July 22, 2017 

“My husband is a musician and we met at one of his band’s shows at Tremont Music Hall. When we got engaged and were thinking of where we wanted to be married, it was a no-brainer that we should return to that venue! We got married up on the stage, and many of our friends and family performed songs for us as a wedding gift during the reception. The venue was sadly demolished later that year, so it was extra special that we had this one last day to celebrate there.” Ashley Morgan

Ashley and Eric Morgan were married on April 26, 2015
Photo Credit: Russell Killen Photography

“Being able to get married in the church I grew up in. Especially when, a little over a year later, the church got struck by lightning and burned down. The church was later rebuilt, but it’s nostalgic to me to remember the old church out in the country, and that my dad walked me down that aisle.” Jennifer Orbock 

Jennifer and Justin Orbock were married on November 1, 2008


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