Should you hire a real estate agent to sell your home or go it alone?


This post is brought to you in partnership with the Charlotte Regional Realtor® Association. All opinions are our own.

Selling your home is a huge, monumental decision. And like all decisions, it can be hard to figure out if you’re doing everything right. I reached out to a Realtor® to find out what she does and how her work can help ease the stress of selling a home.

What I learned is that whether you’re using an agent or not, you’ll need:


As one of my coworkers put it, “Selling a house takes over your life. It’s all you think about.”

For Realtor® Nichole Blanton’s clients, this is a common issue. Many tried selling their homes by themselves, but eventually the stress and timing issues got to be too much to handle and they reached out to her.

She recounts one meeting with particularly worn-down clients.

“When we met, they were exhausted from constantly having to communicate with potential buyers, annoyed from not having received offers and confused on where they went wrong and had no idea what the next steps were,” said Blanton.

Finding qualified buyers takes time that many homeowners simply don’t have.


According to Blanton, if you’re working with a good Realtor®, he or she will come armed with a database of potential clients and tried-and-true marketing programs to reach potential buyers. A sign in the yard and some posts on Facebook just won’t cut it.


Selling a home can be an emotional decision. Your home is filled with memories, and it can be hard to detach from them. For many homeowners, it’s especially helpful that the seller’s agent can provide an objective opinion during the process.

Marketing skills

There are tons of unexpected challenges that come up when you’re selling a home, especially in a hot market like Charlotte. Negotiating the price, setting up meetings with potential buyers and staging a home aren’t easy things to do, especially if you’re a first-time seller.

People often hesitate to use a seller’s agent because they want to save on the commission, Blanton said. They don’t think about the value Realtors® bring to the table and the money they can save by hiring an expert to help them through the process.

“It’s my job to educate my clients on the many roles we play in the buying and selling of real estate. To name a few, we serve as an advisor, an advocate, negotiator and even firefighter,” said Blanton.

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  1. If you want someone to pressure you to get the deal done ASAP for less money than you should, and take 6% in the process, you should totally hire a real estate agent.

  2. So…your article is brought to us by an industry advocacy organization? But titled to imply an unbiased view? Lazy journalism. Interview people who have sold their homes as FSBO to get perspectives on both sides.

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  4. It’s good to know more about working with a real estate agent. To me, it seems like it’s always a good idea to work with one. We’re planning on selling our home this year, and I definitely want the objective opinion that an agent will bring to the process.


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