Wetter than Seattle, you say? 9 cozy spots to spend a rainy day in Charlotte

Photo by Melissa Oyler
kronut at Queen City Grounds

We get it. It’s been raining, on and off for forever, and it feels like it’s never going to stop.

But don’t take our word for it: Fox 46 meteorologist Nick Kosir (the “Drip Chronicles Guy“) said that during December, January and February, Charlotte pulled off the ultimate drip — 17.52 inches of rain. This makes it the sixth-wettest meteorological winter since record-keeping began in 1878.

“This wet pattern is largely due to the El Niño pattern that’s in place,” Kosir said. The pattern is likely to hold through spring — which means an active and wet next few months, he said.

“To tell it to you straight: if you’re tired of the rain, consider moving to Seattle, where it’s less rainy.” Kosir said that was a joke — but we’re not so sure he was kidding.

Instead of calling a moving truck, maybe it’s better to just embrace the gray days. Sunseekers, hear us out. Rainy days can be enjoyed in all kinds of ways: maybe you prefer the natural light with a view of the rain pouring down at Max & Lola Bodega while sipping on a CBD-infused Vybes bottled tea and appreciating the brightly colored art. Or perhaps, you’d rather enjoy your latte art in the warm mugs of Smelly Cat Coffeehouse & Roastery‘s darker, cozy space, tucked into a small corner with your favorite book.

During one of last week’s washouts, we posted a picture (shown at top) of the cinnamon / sugar kronut at Queen City Grounds and we asked you which places or foods call your name when it’s raining out. We also asked our favorite meteorologists where they go when it’s raining — if they aren’t at the T.V. studio, of course.

The suggestions that came back made us wish for more hygge, a Danish word that means coziness and comfortability.

Along the lines of “love the one you’re with,” here are the top 7 rainy-day recommendations from readers, meteorologists and the rest of the community:

(1) Amelie’s

Multiple locations

“I’m a big coffee and soup kinda person on rainy days,” said WCNC’s chief meteorologist Brad Panovich. Since September, he said we’ve had 77 days with rain, the most on record. “Really has been unprecedented for our area. I mean, we have seen more rain in the past 6 months than we have in many whole years.” While he told us he enjoys his soup at Amelie’s (or Panera Bread, by the fireplace), we really know the 2018 Meteorologist of the Year is actually on Facebook Live.

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(2) Beer

Everywhere — almost literally — in the Charlotte area

Reader Brian Blackwell’s one-word suggestion might have been the perfect Charlotte-eque answer. Of course, your choices are virtually limitless, from Pilot Brewing at 1331-B Central Ave. to Legal Remedy Brewing at 129 Oakland Avenue in Rock Hill.

Check out more brewery spots in our beer-drinker’s map of 47 Charlotte-area breweries.

(3) Cork and Cask

9624 Bailey Road, Cornelius

Fox 46’s Nick Kosir said his go-to rainy day spot is Cork and Cask in Cornelius. “My wife and I enjoy its laid back, cozy atmosphere and diverse selection of craft beers on tap. We suggest cuddling up with a plate of grilled cheese wedges and tomato basil shooters — it’s called the “Snow Day,” but it works for rainy days, too.”

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(4) Ed’s Tavern

2220 Park Road

Reader Michael Morelli recommended this cozy Dilworth spot as a space to wait out the rainstorms. With the tavern’s exposed brick interior, wooden high-tops and vintage bar signs, we can see why. “They have good pub food and the vibe is always great,” Morelli said. He suggested the Southwest Eggrolls and Wings.

(5) Futo Buta

222 E. Bland St.

Photo by Melissa Oyler
Futo Buta’s chizu with spicy pork

Reader Aaron Tran recommended the Miso Ramen. We also like the Chizu with Spicy Pork — add extra spices if you really want to warm up. Pro tip: show up before you’re hungry during prime dining times; the waitlist can be feel that much longer when you’re hungry.

(6) Letty’s on Shamrock

2121 Shamrock Dr.

Photo by Melissa Oyler
Hummachos (hummus nachos) at Letty’s on Shamrock

Reader Desiree Kube said she orders the special of the day and drinks hot water with lemon. “I’m not a coffee drinker so a coffee shop is not my thing,” she said. “It’s a good spot for me because I rarely see people I know. You can disappear and have quiet time and get work done.”

(7) Owens Bagel

2041 South Blvd.

Reader Emily Bay likes to order an asiago bagel, steamed, with cream cheese. “I can walk there from my house and love the atmosphere and people-watching on the weekends. You can see everything from the extremely hungover to families.” Pro tip: It’s closed on Mondays, so you’ll have to wait for the next rainy day (it won’t be long, trust us).

(8) Queen City Grounds

644 N. Church Street

Alex Cason Photography
The General Tsorange at Queen City Grounds — turkey or tofu, jalapeno, tomato, cilantro, avocado and house General Tso sauce pressed on a hoagie

Of course, the cinnamon/sugar kronut is a no-brainer, but it’s not your only choice. If you’re craving something savory, QCG just started making sundried tomato flatbreads the size of your head or you can order an old standby, The Dale Jr., with vegan pimento cheese, tempeh bacon and tomatoes.

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(9) Sports Page Coulwood

8400 Bellhaven Blvd.

WBTV meteorologist Al Conklin said his favorite rainy day spot is in the Coulwood section of town, off of Brookshire Boulevard. “It’s a hole-in-the-wall with a long history on the west side.  Everyone knows everyone,” he said. “Regardless of the season, there’s always a good game on, cold beer and hot wings.  I can even watch the heavy rainfall from the window.”

A rainy weekend

Hopefully these spots have offered a bit of inspiration, as Kosir told us the next few days will be gray and wet. There is a 60 percent chance of rain today, 20 percent tomorrow and 70 percent chance for heavy rain on Sunday.

Where do you plan to cozy up this weekend? Let us know in the comments.


  1. We all love comfort food (or beer) but what about what about actually doing something on a rainy day versus just stuffing our faces? Trampolines! Discovery Place! Wine & Painting! Come on …. any other ideas?

  2. Anyone know a good place for a girl and her dog? We were really wanting to play in the sun. I haven’t broken it to him that it’s all weekend. He is really going to be pissed. Wish me luck.



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