Ramsey Creek Park was engagement-shoot perfection for this gorgeous couple [Rachel & Donny]


Lauren Rosenau Photography

It wasn’t until 2008 that we crossed paths. I was a receptionist for BMW/MINI of Sterling as a summer job. Donny owned a company that would install protective film on cars and one of his clients was BMW/MINI of Sterling. He would come in to the dealership about once or twice a week—but he started coming in more often after we met each other.

While he was reserved and standoffish at first, he ended up asking a former coworker for my contact information. After a few messages back and forth, I decided to give him a shot. Our first date at Sweetwater Tavern ended early, but when my mom questioned it, I insisted it went well. A few months later I moved to Charlotte to finish school. Donny followed me to work at a Hendrick Dealership and the rest is history.

We had always talked about visiting Asheville, N.C. On a random Wednesday in December, Donny asked me if I wanted to visit the city for the weekend. Donny isn’t usually one to say “Hey let’s go to a place we’ve never been to before just for the night.” Despite my suspicions, I agreed. I knew it would be a good time because I’d be with the three guys in my life: Donny, and our two dogs, Charlie and Cooper.

On the way there, we stopped at Sliding Rock in Pisgah National Forest. The whole time we were walking around and taking pictures, Donny hardly said two words. As we posed in front of the falls for the camera that Donny set up, he dropped down on one knee for a perfect proposal. It turns out, the camera was recording the whole thing. –As told by Rachel

Rachel and Donny were married on September 26, 2015.



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