10 of the quirkiest menu item names at Charlotte restaurants

Photo by Katie Toussaint

With Charlotte’s burgeoning restaurant scene has come an expanding list of menu items and concepts. Including an expanding list of strange menu item names.

Keep in mind: Just because they’re unusual doesn’t mean they’re not worth a taste. Here are 10 of the quirkiest menu item names we’ve found in Charlotte.

Goat’s Breast Milk

Where to find it: Kid Cashew, 1608, East Blvd.

What it is: A cocktail, crafted with Metaxa ouzo, amaretto, honey, lemon and mint.

We Got a Bleeder

Where to find it: RuRu’s Tacos & Tequila, 715 Providence Road

What it is: A jasmine red rice bowl built with roasted cauliflower, mushrooms, white beans, fried zucchini and avocado aioli.

You Got No Legs Lt. Dan

Where to find it: Once again, at RuRu’s Tacos & Tequila, 715 Providence Road

What it is: A jasmine red rice bowl built with crispy tofu, sauteed peppers and onions, black beans and salsa.

Crab Puppies

Where to find it: Pinky’s Westside Grill, 1600 W.Morehead St., and 9818 Gilead Rd. Ste. B-101, Huntersville.

What it is: A serving of 13 fried hush puppies filled with sweet crabmeat, and served with tartar sauce.

Meatball Bread Rocket

Where to find it: Fidelli Kitchen, 1616 Camden Road

What it is: A warm hoagie roll toasted from the inside on a spike, with meatballs in marinara inserted into the middle of the bun. Advertised as “portable and its delicious.”

Neutered Bone Yard Wings/Leg Humper Bone Yard Wings

Where to find it: Jack Beagle’s, 3213 N. Davidson St.

What it is: Both dishes are Bone Yard wings served with celery and dressing of choice. The “neutered” and “leg humper” sauces are both in the spicy category.

John’s Fried Fungus

Where to find it: Solstice Tavern, 3221 N. Davidson St.

What it is: An appetizer basket of button mushrooms that are battered and fried, then served with horseradish ranch.

Dragon Slayer

Where to find it: The Common Market, 2007 Commonwealth Ave., 235 W. Tremont St., 4420A Monroe Road

What it is: A breakfast sandwich with eggs, your protein of choice, pepper jack cheese, onion and red/green/jalapeno peppers.

Banh Joe V

Really, this is just too clever to not include.

Where to find it: Lincoln’s Haberdashery, 1300 South Blvd., Suite S

What it is: A sandwich decked out with roasted pork loin, pickled carrot, jalapeno, cilantro, cucumber and foie gras aioli.

The Hunka Hunka

Where to find it: The CowFish Sushi Burger Bar, 4310 Sharon Road

What it is: Also known as “The Cowfish Has Officially Left the Building,” this is a full-pound beef burger combined with creamy peanut butter, fried bananas and applewood bacon placed on a brioche bun.

What are your favorite quirky menu item names? Comment below.

Featured photo by Katie Toussaint


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