Charlotte real estate agent explains the keys for sellers this spring

We caught up with Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent Shannon Lynch to find out what sellers need to do to get ready for the spring real estate market.

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In her quest to find the right college major, Shannon Lynch, an agent with Savvy + Co. Real Estate, honed skills that perfectly prepared her for working in real estate. “I changed majors a number of times and dabbled in business management, psychology, interior design and landscape design,” she says.

Around the same time, she started rehabbing houses and learning about the rental market and finally found her calling in real estate.

C5 caught up with Shannon to find out what she loves most about her job, what sellers need to do to get ready for the spring market and important lessons she’s learned from clients.

C5: What does the spring market look like for sellers?
SL: We hit the market high almost two years ago – back then it was a feeding frenzy. People were willing to pay above appraisal value as the market was still rising. That market has cooled. Now it’s more like a couple days or a couple weeks to sell, depending on location and price point. Sellers need to be prepared, price correctly and make sure their property stands out. The direction of the market, time of year and pricing are all factors that shouldn’t be overlooked.

C5: What is your most important role as a Realtor®?
SL: I believe my role is to support, educate as needed and make the process fun and less stressful. Most important, I am there to help my clients make the best decisions for themselves.

C5: What’s special about working with sellers?
SL: You learn so much about people just being in their homes. This is the place where they’ve created memories, spent time, where they go to unwind and relax. You’re being trusted with helping them sell one of their largest assets. I like planning and helping get the home ready. I love discussing strategies and deciding which course of action is best to take to get desired results.

C5: I understand you work with builders and investors as well.
SL: Yes! I help investors scout out deals and have a lot of experience working with clients through the rehab/new build and construction process.  I can assist with everything from reviewing architectural plans to picking out lighting, tile, finishes, and more. I’m as involved as my client needs me to be. I was an investor before I became a Realtor®. I’ve wholesaled, managed rental units and rehabbed properties. 

C5: What has working in real estate taught you?
SL: Probably the most important thing is to listen and ask questions.  You can’t offer solutions until you know what your clients needs are. I believe in building solid relationships – I don’t disappear after the closing. I keep in touch. I’ve watched clients get married, have children, upsize, downsize and retire.

C5: This market can be competitive, how do you stay calm and focused?
SL: When it comes to making large financial decisions, emotions can be tricky and cloud the process. It’s my duty to make sure we stay in communication, focus on the desired outcome, and figure out what we need to do to get there. I’m here to get results.

Want to know more about getting your home ready to sell, or want to talk investment properties or how you survived your countless college major choices? Shannon would love to hear from you.

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  1. Thank you for suggesting that you should pack most of your things before you put the house on the market. My husband and I need to sell our house. I’ll have to look into finding the right real estate agent to help us.

  2. From experience, I would suggest hiring a reputable home inspector before you even put your home on the market. Trust me, it will save you a major headache and you will know what needs to be fixed whether it be small items that you or a handyman might be able to fix or major issues which would be tasked for professionals.


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