How day camp at the YMCA prepares your child for success in preschool


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The school year is coming up soon and that means it’s time to prepare your little one for preschool. Is your child ready? Preschool Day Camp at the Y uses the power of play to create teachable moments that prepare toddlers for pre-k.

Why is play-based learning the basis of YMCA Preschool camps? The answer is rather simple — your little one’s boundless energy and hunger for fun and adventure is their natural way of learning. Kids use play to discover more about themselves, others and the world around them.

Camp prepares kids to run and play

Whether they’re gaining flexibility and balance in gymnastics, learning to climb on playground equipment, developing coordination playing sports or simply running and being silly, your camper will use their energy to become more comfortable with many different types of movements they’ll need to know in preschool.

Camp teaches kids to communicate and make friends

Preschool may be the first time your child will be interacting with dozens of other kids. This can be overwhelming for some, but making friends takes practice! The Y’s day camps are filled with camp games and activities that encourage your child to collaborate and communicate with other children. They learn the value of asking for help, assisting others, sharing and teamwork.

Camp helps kids prepare to get creative

Whether they glue, paint and color a cool craft, sing their favorite songs, hear a new story or play dress-up as their favorite character or superhero, preschoolers and toddlers have limitless opportunities to expand their imaginations at camp.

Find a preschool camp your child will love

No one does summer day camp quite like the Y. Traditional preschool day camp options allow your preschooler to explore the fun of summer through stories, songs, games and lots of crafts. Your little one will spend their day engaging their imaginations and playing active games.

Preschool Camp themes that will pique the interest of every camper!

Pirate and Fairy Fun Camp: Adventure awaits our young pirates and fairies. Crafts, obstacle courses, stories and of course, treasure will fill their days.

Happy Campers Camp: For kids who love to explore! Kids become expert campers, explore nature and learn about cool bugs and animals.

Surf’s Up Camp: Explore the shore and dive deep into the ocean for crafts, stories, songs and games designed to bring the sea to life!

Superhero Adventure Camp: Calling all heroes! Join us for a high-flying adventure as we embrace our unique superpowers with each story, craft and song. Masks, capes and fun are all part of this action-packed week!

And many more!

Register now to secure your child’s spot at camp before summer is over!

Enroll your little one in YMCA Preschool

Ready for your child to take what they learn in the summer and continue their growth? Secure your child’s spot in a high-quality preschool at the Y for the upcoming school year.

Looking for fun for kids 5 and older?

Bonding experiences between dads and their children can be so important to a child’s development. Y-Guides is a program that gives dads and kids the opportunity to bond and create memories together.

Have fun exploring all the amazing ways the YMCA prepares kids and families for life!

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