Uptown’s new art gallery features YOU—get ready to next level your Instagram.

Courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

When it comes to super dope art installations, Charlotte is normally only a temporary stop. Artists bring their creations to the city for a limited time, leaving us all wanting a little more. But, that feeling of FOMO is finally out of the window.

Jamie Johnson, along with her partners Brian Heffron, Ed Duncan, Chris Boukedes and David Sweeney, recently opened the doors to a permanent interactive gallery that is sure to be your new favorite photo op. Portal CLT is here—and it’s here to stay.

Courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

“We wanted a space where you’re not just looking at art, but you’re interacting with it too,” Johnson told CharlotteFive. “We were super interested in also getting local artists. We got a bunch of artists that were local to Charlotte, who were already pretty big, and we let them just go at it for this go around.”

The space features several mini rooms, some with multiple installations. The gallery’s first set of artists are Michele Hoffman, HNin Nie, Jill Seale and Jason Woodbury.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Hang from the ceiling, return to the 70s, visit the jungle

You’ll find rooms that allow you to take photos that give the illusion that you are hanging from a ceiling, one that looks as though you are being sucked into a giant psychedelic hole straight out of the 70s, and there’s even a neon light box set in the jungle that is sure to be a fan favorite.

One of the coolest rooms is one of the simplest, at least from first glance. Artist Jason Woodbury’s room is a 3-walled piece with painted red, black, and white hieroglyphics. What takes it to the next level is that guests can download an app, specific to the piece, and when you aim your camera at the wall, a special video begins to play on your phone.

For now, the plan is to change the installations every 3-4 months. If fans are in love with some of the current pieces, Johnson and the team may keep them around a little longer. She also plans to add in some cool features as different holidays come around.

“We just want you to have a great time and get that great Instagram selfie or photo. There are no rules on photography, but if you want to do a major photoshoot here, we can definitely see about renting it out,” Johnson said.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Portal CLT

114 S. Tryon Street
Thursday thru Sunday 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
$19 for adults; $12 for kids ages 4-12, free for those younger than 4. Purchase tickets online for a $1 processing fee.

Instagram: @portal.clt



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