Pink Cactus Bar + Kitchen moving into former Treehouse Whiskey spot in SouthPark

Photo via Google Maps
Pink Cactus Bar + Kitchen will occupy the former Treehouse Whiskey spot

A Southwest-inspired restaurant will be moving into SouthPark later this month.

The former Treehouse Whiskey and Fork owners have announced their newest venture, Pink Cactus Bar + Kitchen, which will open on March 19 in the former Treehouse location at 4423 Sharon Road. A grand opening party will be March 30, featuring live music and specials.

The new space will feature an expanded and covered patio, extensive renovations and an entirely new look.

Treehouse was successful, but general manager Bryan Godart said it was time to update and refresh the space. “Whether you’re hanging with friends, stopping in for tequila, meeting over a business lunch, coming by for coffee and macarons, it’s going to be a gathering place that’s unique to the neighborhood,” Godart said.

The cocktail menu will include more than 35 tequilas, craft cocktails, margaritas and sangrias by the pitcher. More than 25 beers will be on tap and food will include nachos, tacos salads and salads.

“This is going to be a fun spot,” Godart said. “We’ll be open ‘til 2 a.m. It’s going to be totally different from anything in the neighborhood.”

The restaurant is more than 3,000 square feet and will feature seating for 200, 22 seats at the bar and 12 big-screen televisions. The host stand will double as a coffee and macaron bar.

Sunday brunch will be offered, and hookah will be available on the patio.


  1. ET is correct, and I predict this new venture will fail even faster. During the rebrand last year, the restaurant attempted to provide a much-needed focus to their hodgepodge mess of a menu, which featured lots of mediocre fare, but the focused menu was just nothing special. Within 100 yards of that location are much better options suiting a variety of palates (Baku, Rooster’s, Bulla, Cowfish, Sushi Guru…even Maggiano’s for that matter).

    So now with this reincarnation, what are they doing? Combining another hodgpodge mess (tequila and macrons, as EB astutely noted) with more mediocre food and beverages that you can find at any bar or Applebee’s (beer, nachos, tacos, salads). With such a difficult location, the restaurant really needs to have something unique to thrive or even survive. If Zebra couldn’t survive nearby with what was once one of the finest menus in the city, what chance does this 2nd-rate TGI Friday’s have?


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