The top 4 tips you NEED to pest-proof your home


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No one likes pests. That’s why they’re called, well, pests. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to make sure that those pesky critters stay out of your house.

Here are a few of the top expert-recommended tips we’ve compiled with help from Carolina Pest Management.

Keep a clean yard.

Insect problems start with the outdoors. Pests like to find heaps of leaves and grass clippings to nest, so try to get rid of these bug havens. The same goes for compost heaps and piles of mulch. It is also important to clean up after your pets, if you have them, as animal waste can draw insects from afar.

Deal with dampness as soon as possible.

In addition to mold, damp or wet areas can attract colonies of unwanted pests. If you have a basement, regularly inspect it for any signs of broken piping or leaks, such as puddles or water stains. Of course, bathtubs and sinks are areas that are especially prone to wetness, so make sure the edges around these areas have sufficient caulking to keep out moisture.

Remember the kitchen.

Most pest problems can be tracked to a messy kitchen. If you have food stains, sugary spills, crumbs or stacked dirty dishes, these are like ringing a dinner bell for bugs. Make sure you regularly stay on top of kitchen cleanliness, including doing the dishes, wiping off counters, securing all containers and taking out the trash as often as possible. If you have a sink with a garbage disposal, make sure you clean that out from time to time in order to prevent fruit flies and other pests.

Bring some birds to the party.

Birds are among the fiercest natural predators of pests. If you’re having a tough time keeping the bugs out, try bringing birds in. Set up a birdbath or a bird feeder to attract birds that will then prey on bugs in your yard. But remember: if you choose the birdbath, make sure you regularly change its stagnant water to prevent more pests from showing up.

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  1. I never knew how much animal waste can attract a lot of insects to a house! My wife and I are thinking of getting a dog for our son, and the dog will probably be an outside dog. I will be sure to tell my wife that if we do get a dog, we should stay on top of picking up the animal waste to stop insects.


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