Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes this summer


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Summer is about pool parties, trips to the beach and lounging outside with friends. But if there’s one thing us North Carolina natives know, it’s that mosquitoes often decide to ruin the fun. With help from Carolina Pest Management, we’ve brought together some tips to help you keep the mosquito problem at bay.

Keep an eye out for mosquito havens.

There are certain areas of your yard that can be paradise to mosquitoes. Most of us know about standing water being a mosquito breeding ground, but you also want to get rid of tall grasses and piles of leaves. If you have lots of short shrubs, bushes or leafy trees in your yard, you may need to think about getting mosquito treatments. Those are spots in which mosquitoes like to hide.

Go with the professionals.

Plenty of people like to use tiki torches or canned sprays to ward off the pests, but there really is no substitute for a seasoned professional service. Their sprays will last longer, will target the right areas of your yard and are much more powerful than store-bought options. Instead of settling for second-best, afford yourself the peace of mind to know that you’ve dealt with the underlying mosquito issues in your yard by hiring a pro.

Sign up for monthly treatments.

The months between spring and fall have severe concentrations of mosquitoes. Usually, this means that a single treatment probably is not going to be enough to last the entire summer. Instead, have the professionals come out once a month to re-spray the area and ensure that your yard remains free from pests. The sooner you get treatments started, the easier it is to get the problem under control.

Remember the dangers.

Not only are mosquitoes pesky and irritating, but they also can carry dangerous viruses. In recent years, the threat of the Zika virus has dominated headlines. However, mosquitoes can carry other diseases as well, like West Nile. It’s important to remember that a professional mosquito treatment doesn’t merely protect your fun. It protects your health as well.

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