Get the new Pepper Jam Pita Burger from Showmars for a limited time only


This post is brought to you in partnership with Showmars. All opinions are our own.

Thrown in partnership with Johnson and Wales, Showmars puts on an annual contest to create their next succulent burger. This year’s winner was chosen from more than 70 applicants.

We know you don’t want to miss the next big thing at one of Charlotte’s culinary staples, so here is everything you need to know about the new Pepper Jam Pita Burger:

A recipe full of flavor

In keeping with the Greek roots of Showmars cuisine, the Pepper Jam Pita Burger starts out by coating soft pita with equal parts locally-sourced pepper jam and tzatziki sauce. Next, the chef creates a bed of fresh baby arugula on top of the tzatziki sauce and places the juicy, gouda-smothered beef patty on top. She cuts the patty in half first, layering the two halves so that cheesy goodness is spread throughout each bite.

The secret ingredient? It couldn’t be anything other than bacon — two slices, to be exact. Simple and elegant, the Pepper Jam Pita Burger is available at Showmars locations for a limited time.

Originally debuted in May, popular demand brought the burger back for a run that ends on December 15, so you want to make sure to head down to your nearest Showmars and try it out soon.

The burger was created by Johnson and Wales student (and current Showmars employee) Emilee Vance, who developed the idea as a way to create a flavorful experience that broke the boundaries of traditional expectations. A bit fiery, a bit cool and altogether delicious, we’re confident that her Pepper Jam Pita Burger creation will be a hit with Charlotte eaters as long as it is on the menu.

A Charlotte tradition

Native Charlotteans know all about Showmars. A staple of the Charlotte food scene for the past 36 years, the restaurant chain has opened up over 30 locations to treat foodies to Southern cuisine with Greek flair.

In the coming years, the restaurant is planning to expand into the Triangle market as well, and innovative burgers like the Pepper Jam Pita Burger will no doubt help it stand out from the crowd.

Want to learn more about Showmars? Click here for more information.


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