Which ‘patio personality’ fits your style? Take our quiz to find out.


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It’s a beautiful thing when you find something or someone that fits your personality to a tee — like the baristas who “gets” your over-the-top coffee order, or that grungy pair of shorts you’ve had since high school.

Your unique personality is also the key to unlocking the door to find the perfect patio setup where you can soak up beautiful summer days and breath-taking sunsets.

Cantina 1511, home of mouthwatering authentic Mexican food and margaritas, has three stunning patio choices across the Queen City. To figure out which of these three patios is the best fit for the “real” you, take this quiz.

Patio Personality Quiz #1: Check all that apply

  • My dog feels super left out when I don’t bring him/her to have a meal or drinks with me.
  • After running errands in or near Park Road Shopping Center, I often feel hungry for tasty Mexican food served by nice people in an outdoor atmosphere.
  • I like dining with my family, especially when I know the food is going to be delicious and the drinks are cold. If my kids could eat free on Tuesdays, that would really make life grand.
  • When I dine outside among sunflowers and bright colors, I feel happy and more relaxed.
Photo credit: @mattshdr

Patio personality: No animal or child left behind (or at least at home). Appreciates a great view and seriously amazing nachos. Has also been known to indulge in Sunday Funday.
Where to go: Cantina 1511 at Park Road Shopping Center
Here’s why: If you checked any of the above boxes, the Cantina 1511 at Park Road Shopping Center is a top pick for you. The location makes it easy to take a yummy lunch break or end your errands in a happy place outside with sunshine, plants, ceiling fans and nice people. It’s also walkable for many surrounding neighborhoods, so put the kids in the stroller and enjoy the journey.

Patio Personality Quiz #2: Check all that apply

  • I often have a difficult time finding a good place to go for a solid brunch after church.
  • My SO says we need to change up the routine for date night.
  • My closet is full of cute sundresses; I’d love to find a wonderful outdoor space to show them off.
  • I’ve been meaning to try a duck taco.

Patio personality: The boring same ol’, same ol’ is not your thing. Dressing and dining to impress is an art form you’ve perfected, especially when you can do it sipping an authentic Mexican brew. 
Where to go:
Cantina 1511, Stonecrest
Here’s why: If you can identify with any of the above statements, your solution is the Cantina 1511 Stonecrest location. Summer is about dressing up and showing off, so head here for the perfect place for a date night, a meet up with friends or hanging with your four-legged buddy. This relaxing season can get hectic, so catch the chill vibe and breathe real air while enjoying the Five Cheese Queso Fundido. That’s how to patio.

Patio Personality Quiz #3: Check all that apply

  • I love being outside; I’d love it even more if it had air conditioning.
  • People watching is my favorite spectator sport.
  • I am shocked when people say they don’t know where  to go for excellent food and drinks before a show, concert or game Uptown.
  • I think it would be easier to find a unicorn than a laid-back place to have a business lunch in Uptown Charlotte.

Patio personality: You are the king or queen of Uptown and actually know why Uptown is not called downtown. You love the summer and appreciate the workings of a stellar air conditioner. You always have the perfect answer to “Where should we go when we are in Uptown, brah?”
Where to go: Cantina 1511 Uptown
Here’s why: Whether you work, live or play in Uptown, you cannot bypass this unique indoor patio that brings together unsurpassed people watching and cold air conditioning. Everything you love about being on a patio, minus the heat. Perfection. With a fab location and FREE PARKING in the Hearst Tower (after 5 p.m. with validation), this is a great place before the game, concert or show. Grab a tasty drink from the hand-painted bar, share a delicious appetizer or get fueled up on house specialities like slow cooked short ribs, two-taco plate or enchiladas de pollo.

Were your scores even across the board? If so, I guess you’re just going to have to give all three Cantina 1511 patios a try!

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