His disrupted plans still made for a perfect story [Rachel & Jordan]

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Photography: BlueSky by Cass Bradley

Here’s Rachel and Jordan’s beautiful engagement story, told by Rachel: 

I first saw Jordan in our North Carolina State Bar preparation class during the summer of 2013. I nicknamed him “hot guy from Bar class” when I joked around with my friends, but we never spoke.

After several months and many near-misses—including my stepmother meeting Jordan in an elevator and coming home to tell me she’d met the perfect guy for me—we finally met through friends at Soul Gastrolounge and hit it off right away.

In August 2015, we planned a trip to Europe. Jordan repeatedly told me that he wanted to wait a little longer before we got engaged, but I was hopeful he’d surprise me. I watched him carefully as he packed the morning of our trip, but his calm demeanor convinced me that there was no way he was sneaking an engagement ring into his bag.

On day two of the trip we headed outside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles, where we had to wait in line two hours before entering. Jordan suggested renting bikes and having a picnic in the gardens, but I insisted we rent a golf cart.

It was just one of the many incidents that disrupted Jordan’s perfect plan for the day, followed by malfunctioning fountains and lounging Parisians who interrupted our picnic.

Eventually, though, we stumbled across a spot in the gardens where we were completely alone. And there, surrounded by tall grass walls and marble sculptures, Jordan dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him. We celebrated overlooking the gardens and then with champagne back in Paris before sharing the news with our loved ones.

Rachel & Jordan were married October 1, 2016.


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