Your guide to being the ultimate Panthers fan–from tailgating tips to why you shouldn’t sit on third down

Photo by Tyler Blackshaw
If you’re living in Charlotte, you’ve probably watched or been to a Panthers game (unless you’re Alicia Thomas!). CharlotteFive Podcast hosts Sallie Funderburk and Alicia Thomas caught up with a leader of Carolina Panthers fan group the Roaring Riot, Josh Klein (he is also the Managing Editor of the Riot Report), to see what to do and not to do at a tailgate, how to travel to out-of-town games, while also power ranking the most handsome Panthers players. We’re looking at you, Greg.

Sallie: What does it take to be a Roaring Riot member?

“You have to be a Panthers fan first of all, so let’s just put it out there. If you’re a Falcons fan, get out of here. It costs $25. What you get for that is a sweet membership package. There’s a T-shirt, there’s a sticker, there’s a luggage tag if you’re going to travel to an away game. You also get discounts on all of our away game trips. We go to every single away game. The next one is Washington, D.C. We have about 300 people going. We were in Atlanta.

“…We had Bojangles catering our tailgate. NoDa Brewing is one of our great friends and partners. They actually produce a beer called the Roaring Riot Rye Pale Ale…”

Alicia: “That Rye Pale Ale is fantastic…one of my favorites.”

Josh: “So if you come to the Roaring Riot tailgate on Sundays, it’s available on draft.”

Alicia: “Now, when you say it’s available on draft, if I’m a member, am I paying for it, or is it just there.”

Josh: “You are. All of our drinks are $2 each…but all of the money that we raise at every tailgate goes directly to charity…the more you drink, the more we donate. We’ve worked with the Cam Newton Foundation for awhile. A lot of times, we’ll raffle off an autographed ball, autographed cleats, things like that. David Tepper was at the tailgate against the Bengals. He likes to stop by. He’s our new best friend. The cool cat…The whole point of the tailgate, it’s called Tailgate with a Purpose, so you can go, you can buy your six-pack of Bud Light, you can sit by yourself in your car, you can get drunk and go to the game…or you can come out…we really encourage camaraderie and friendship. That’s kind of the whole thing that the Roaring Riot is. When we go to an away game, we sit together…same thing for the tailgate…we want you to come there and be part of the Roaring Riot family, so that when you go on a random work trip to Nashville or to Atlanta, etc., there are places for you to watch a Panthers game.”

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