Charlotte-based fans of hip-hop and pop mixes can rejoice in the stellar show that Pandora is bringing to The Fillmore on September 7th. The world’s most powerful music discovery platform is teaming up with Spectrum to throw an intimate party for its listeners featuring renowned Los Angeles musical duo Timeflies.

Timeflies is the collaboration of producer Rob “Rez” Resnick and Cal Shapiro. Originally formed in 2010 as The Ride, Timeflies has sold out venues across the United States and has sold over 800,000 singles and 150,000 albums. The duo, along with their opener Flagship, is set to take the stage at The Fillmore Charlotte for a free concert.

Yes, you read that correctly. To show appreciation to its listeners, Pandora is offering free tickets to the event. The only catch is that there is limited seating available, so fans will want to snag an RSVP here as soon as they can.

The idea for an intimate, free concert is nothing new to Pandora. The company’s Musical Genome Project employs highly trained musicologists to analyze hundreds of attributes with the purpose of providing its listeners with billions of hours of personalized music tailored to their specific tastes. Making connections between artists and fans is what Pandora does best. The musician-founded company provides artists with data and tools to grow their careers.


Sign up with Pandora and connect with the artists you love. Make sure to RSVP for your free seat at the exclusive Timeflies concert on September 7th.