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Nobody is the same, and yet many diets treat everyone the same. Profile Plan provides clients with weekly coaching based on individual plans tailored to each of them personally. Every plan combines nutrition, activity and lifestyle changes to create the best strategy for any given client.

Weekly coaching

Weekly coaching allows Profile to help clients stay on track with their goals through encouragement, accountability and guidance to achieve desired results. In fact, you could be more likely to meet your weight loss goals when paired with a coach.  

John Hironimus of Profile Plan said, “We offer a genetics test called Profile Precise that will tell the member and coach how the member’s body responds to carbohydrates, which allows both the coach and member to have an even more individualized plan powered by genetics.”

He added that Johns Hopkins released a study that measured the benefits of health coaching across the industry and the results showed that an individual with a health coach will lose on average three times as much weight compared to someone who tries to lose weight on their own.

Taking dieting out of the equation

Instead of forcing another diet, Profile simply helps clients change their approach to nutrition. Because Profile encourages clients to enjoy a large variety of foods ranging from protein shakes and bars to entrees and desserts, each client’s body will get the vitamins, minerals and protein it needs. Add on simple meals with lean meats and vegetables, and you have a plan that’s easy to follow and easier to stick with.

Becoming a member

Once you become a member, you will get access to a one-year membership that delivers:  

(1) One-on-one coaches who are trained and certified to guide you through your journey.  

(2) A weekly personal plan based on individual nutrition, including customized meal plans using delicious and nutritious groceries and profile food, activity involving simplified exercised planned with your abilities at their centers, and lifestyle goals that encourage you to make your own healthy habits a permanent way of life.

(3) Nutritious meal planning, including recipes, delicious Profile foods and shopping lists.

(4) A WiFi Smart Body Scale to use in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Profile guidance

Everyone needs a little guidance on his or her weight-loss journey. Profile’s certified program coaches provide that guidance and so much more. The Profile Plan made for you will be tailored to what you want to achieve and what your body needs.

Hironimus said after having 100,000 members over the last five years, the data shows that Profile members who follow their coach’s coaching lose 12 percent of their body weight in the first 12 weeks and are transitioned over the length of their membership to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


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  1. This is such a cool article! I work there and it’s such great people to be around. I love getting to celebrate my Member’s success!


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