OMB Yoga on Tap: Deep breathing and beer drinking


There’s a bit of a sensory overload at OMB’s Yoga on Tap every Tuesday. Bright yoga pants, warm sun, malty aftertastes, currywursts pricking the nostrils and entrancing tunes swaddle the mind in a comfortable sense of peace that comes with the combination of it all.

This is Yoga on Tap at 6:30 p.m.

Some 300 to 400 people attend this weekly group stretch, making it ideal for the Scene/Seen series. Some of you were impossible to miss.


Yoga on Tap is the intersection of Charlotte’s die-hard beer community and its devout yogis. Everyone is welcome. Can’t touch your toes? You should come and try — the beer helps. Can you put your toes behind your head? You should come show off your beer drinking skills while doing an intense back bend. You can even bring your one wine-drinking friend.


Multiple beer options are available from the Olde Mecklenburg Brewery’s outdoor beer hut to serve the yoga crowd. They are gearing up for Mecktoberfest at the end of the month, so grab a fresh Märzen-style beer while you can.

For $5, you get to practice with a different yoga teacher every week. This includes a free pint to loosen joints, or inhibitions.


There are a lot of acceptable ways to dress for yoga — shorts and a tank top, parachute pants and a loose cardigan, yoga leggings and a T-shirt — but this guy went for pleated slacks and a tie. Bold.


The best thing for the positive feelings we all crave (other than meditative stretching and beer) is puppy faces. Yoga on Tap might be the only place where you can witness people pet dogs, do down dog and eat hot dogs simultaneously.

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Frequent participants wear their shirts with the logo emblazoned on the chest like it was a membership jacket. Be one of the cool kids for $20.


On this particular evening, the Charlotte Ballet was in attendance for a meet-and-greet before having the dancers practice with the rest of the yogis. A former dancer-turned-yoga-teacher led the class through a combination of dance warm ups (that not everyone took naturally to) and traditional yoga poses.



It was a veritable sea of spandex and tank tops. Watching (and hearing and feeling) 300 people breath out at once is actually quite moving. Possible cross-promotion idea: a Lululemon shandy. Think about it.



But do you even stretch, bros? The guys are severely outnumbered here, but the ones that do attend are in it to win it. Color me impressed.


Debbie Mijatović runs Yoga on Tap each week. She coordinates with the brewery, photographers, overhead drone operators and media outlets to make sure that even if you weren’t caught in C5, you’ll probably be able to pick out your highlighter-green yoga bag in a photo she posts to social media later.


Some things are more important than getting a pose right. Beer quality maintenance is among those things.

Photos by Remy Thurston

remRemy Thurston is a Charlotte-area writer and photographer. Follow him on  Twitter @remythurston.



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