The most glamorous anniversary shoot you’ve ever seen


Anchor & Veil Photography

We’re all about weddings, of course. But here at Carolina Bride we’re also all about marriage—and taking every opportunity to celebrate it. That’s why we adore anniversary sessions. And this one with Laura McCabe Stump and her husband, Satchel, gives us all the feels. (It also makes us want to don a fancy gown, get our hair and makeup done, and head to the Brooklyn Bridge…You’ll see what we mean. #SwoonCity)

But first: some introductions.

Laura McCabe Stump is a wedding and social events planner at The Duke Mansion, which is how she got to know photographers Devin and Kathryn Robinson of Anchor & Veil Photography.

Laura McCabe Stump

In a chance conversation with Devin, Laura discovered that they would both be in New York City over the Christmas holiday. Laura and Satchel would be at her childhood home in northern New Jersey, while Devin would be shooting an elopement in the city.

So a couple of days after Christmas—and in spite of the freezing temperatures—Laura and Satchel met up with Devin to “create some serious magic.”

They started at a courthouse near the Brooklyn Bridge (“Devin had to sweet-talk the security guard,” Laura says).

The couple have been married for three years, but together for seven. Satchel and Laura met during her freshman year at Elon University. It was January 2009, and they were both at a frat party.

“It was ’80s themed, and he thought I was cute despite the horrendous hair and neon outfit,” Laura says.

Laura and Satchel were married in May 2015 at Crossed Keys Inn in New Jersey, where Laura grew up.

After leaving the courthouse, Laura and Satchel trekked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

“We thought the bridge would be colder, but it actually was a nice break—despite all of the people stopping to stare, take photos and give their congratulations,” says Devin. “Clearly they thought these two just got married.”

The bridge was packed that day, though you’d never know it from the pictures, Laura recalls. “There had to be a thousand people scurrying around in the cold.”

After leaving the Brooklyn Bridge, they took the subway (Devin’s first!) to Bethesda Terrace in Central Park. The pair then walked through trees, hand in hand, until reaching the tunnel.

After getting to the tunnel, the trio found the place humming with instrumentalists and a bunch of people crowding the area to watch the street performers. But rather than wait for everyone to get out of the way, Devin suggested they take advantage of the scene, of the upright base player.

“With Devin’s direction, we stood over in one corner, while he almost laid down in the middle of this giant circle of people to capture the upright bass player with us in the shadows,” she says. “It ended up being my favorite photo.”

“Once everyone left, we took more photos under the tunnel,” Devin says. “With the beautiful arches, paintings, and architecture, this place is such a dream to shoot.

“And with this couple, it made it easy.”


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