Have a knack for planning? Here’s how to make a career out of it


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If your colleagues and supervisors are constantly amazed at your ability to juggle projects, you should make those skills legit with a master’s degree in Project Management from Northeastern University’s Charlotte campus. Clearly, you’ve already got what it takes. Why not get the degree that says to your current or future employer, “I am an expert project leader.”

According to www.simplyhired.com, there are currently 3,423 project management-related positions available in Charlotte. From banks and construction companies to healthcare systems and municipalities, they are all looking for someone with your passion for project management.

Need a few more reasons why this is the degree you should be pursuing? We put this list together while doing a load of laundry, making dinner and asking Alexa for the weather report. We’re not you, but we are trying.

Salary potential

According to salary.com, the average Project Manager Salary is almost $70K not including bonus and benefits. In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies succeed or fail based on their ability to bring quality products and services to market on time, on budget and within specifications. Organizations need your valuable skills. Combined with a master’s from Northeastern University, we are talking HUGE opportunities for knowledgeable, credentialed project managers.

Market demand

According to the Job Growth and Talent Gap Report 2017-2027 by the Project Management Institute, the world’s leading association for project management professionals, by 2027, employers will need 87.7 million individuals working in project management-oriented roles. The biggest jump in project-oriented jobs is in the health care sector with 17% growth. There’s a lot of demand for your project management skills, especially in sectors such as manufacturing and consulting, information services and finance/insurance.

Immediate value

You can use your newly-acquired skills in planning, budgeting, negotiations and project oversight in your current job immediately, before you even graduate. That’s a real professional advantage.

Take it from a Northeastern University-Charlotte graduate

Northeastern University­–Charlotte graduate, Elisabeth Kjellberg, a program manager at Ingersoll Rand, started pursuing a master’s degree in project management just one year into her career. “I chose Northeastern because it had a reputable online degree program, a curriculum that closely aligned with my current and future career goals and the flexibility to attend class around my work schedule,” she explained. “Working around a full-time job did not present any difficulties and I would recommend starting a graduate degree sooner than later.” You said it, Elisabeth. What are you waiting for? Time to start that grad degree program on your bucket list. This is your year.

If you fancy yourself the master planner and want to make it official, learn more about the graduate degree in Project Management from Northeastern University here. If you know it’s a go and want help with the application process, contact Meighan Avalos at m.avalos@northeastern.edu or 980.875.0223



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