Now you can tweet and text just like Cam Newton with the •iPÖSTmyWAY• app


If you follow Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton on Instagram you’ve probably noticed he has a … unique way of writing. For example:

»”yeahYEAHyeah…BUTimTHEfreshestTHOUGH”«ŁØŁ😂 #iWmW -1OVE

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And much like his quarterbacking ability and his fashion sense, his style of writing is really hard to duplicate. (Go ahead, try doing it with your phone keyboard now. See? Hard.)

But now, thanks to a couple of Charlotte developers and designers, it’s way easier to be like Cam.

Friends and Panthers fans Taylor Nall, 35, and Joel Kuehn, 32, along with Cam Newton, launched the I Post My Way app earlier this week. The app, which costs $.99 and is available in the iTunes App Store, allows users to create custom keyboards and keyboard shortcuts, and is “inspired and envisioned by Cam Newton,” according to the website.

It also features “MVP Mode,” which converts text into a Cam Newton-esque format. It’s similar to the online text converter the pair previously collaborated on called Post Like An MVP, which you can use to turn the previous sentence into this:


Isn’t this fun?

And the app should work even better because the creators have worked hard on perfecting Cam’s style since launching that original converter.

I had a few questions about the app and website, so I reached out to the creators. Here’s what Nall and Kuehn said about creating the app and working with Newton via a joint email Q&A.

When did you create the Post Like An MVP website, and what made y’all want to do it?

“We noticed how Cam was typing in the spring and had seen a lot of people posting about not being able to read it. While it would have been cool to do a translator, we decided to set up something that would just mimic his style instead. Just a fun side project and challenge to see if we could. We launched around the draft in April and promoted by tagging draft picks to ‘Post like an MVP’ (AKA Cam).”

How did the I Post My Way app come about? Was Cam Newton involved in the creation of it?

“Cam’s agent contacted us a couple days after it (the original website) launched. They said he thought it was cool and wanted to talk more. So we talked with (the) agent more and set up (a) meeting with Cam. We discussed some ideas and landed on the app concept. Cam was really excited about the concept and making a customizable keyboard. From the start, he really wanted to pioneer the ‘missing tool’ in the phone keyboard space.”

How did you go about actually creating the text converter for the website and then the app?

“The website converter was something we put together in our free time over a couple weeks. It was a little more trial and error to match Cam’s style. At that time, he’d just started posting his way and so you could tell he was still finding his style. It was tough to find the patterns in his posts that we needed to ‘program’ it. We took a couple keywords and letters and added in the formatting and felt like we got it pretty close, enough that those who know how he posts would recognize.

“The MVP mode for the app was a bit easier. Obviously his style has evolved a bit since the website and it helped that he now has a keyboard he could format. We did an update last week to get the MVP mode as close to his current style before launch and the results were almost spot on. Although we still have no idea where he found that ₩ on a keyboard. …

“Obviously the inspiration was Cam, but (we) definitely see it as a tool for anyone to create their own style or just make their favorite emoji easier to access. Who uses the Q key anyway?”

What’s the secret to typing like Cam Newton?

“We’ve given away a couple easy tips: removing spaces from your phrases, and alternating your words with UPPERCASElowercase. But it’s really about exploring what’s possible with the keyboard and making it your own. That’s what’s great about the app. It’s not just about posting like Cam, it’s about setting up however you want.”

I’m not sure how much interaction you had with Cam, but do you have any insight as to why he types like that?

“We did get to work with Cam on the app, and get his input and feedback throughout. We didn’t discuss the ‘why’ — but our best guess is it truly is an outlet of self-expression for him. It’s just how he types, like how he dresses or dances.”

Photo: Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer


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