Working out can help you get more fit, gain energy and destress. You may feel sore after a good workout, but soreness can turn into serious pain.

Even sitting for long periods of time and then doing a strenuous workout can take a toll on your body: Your posture can even be compromised. Any activities like jogging, biking or squatting will put more pressure on your back, and joints. Although it might seem that the only relief can be achieved with relaxants, steroid shots and even a potentially invasive orthopedic procedure, there is one more solution.

The best way to keep your body healthy and ready for more workouts is quality massage therapy. Massages are not just for treating yourself anymore and actually goes hand in hand with physical therapy and chiropractic care.

In particular, Olea Massage combines medical/rehabilitative techniques with trusted massage approaches.

CharlotteFive talked with Lena Fosforova, founder of Olea Massage, to learn more about how the company combines these two disciplines to help people.

C5: How is your massage practice different from a spa?

LF:  We’re a team of licensed therapists that assess posture, joint mobility and neurokinetics (a fancy word for how your brain uses muscles). These assessments are necessary to determine the muscle groups to work on and help undo any damage you’ve done to your body. This is what sets us apart.

C5: What’s the goal of your sessions with clients?

OF: Our goal is to deliver therapeutic results. Any good massage therapist can help relieve stress, but it takes special education and experience to find the real cause of the pain and eliminate it for good – not just for a couple of days.

C5: What do you say to those who’ve had a difficult time managing their pain?

OF: They shouldn’t be discouraged if they’ve tried to manage pain with doctors, medication, stretching or alternative options with no relief. Pay attention when a pain doesn’t go away. Many clients put off visiting a therapist because of how busy they are or blame other reasons for their pain, like an old mattress or worn out shoes Often, the pain is just muscular imbalance that can be easily corrected.

C5: What types of issues can massage therapy help with?

OF: We see all types of people in all sorts of pain. Some of the common conditions we treat include chronic neck and back pain, sciatica, running injuries, deadlift injuries, pulled muscle pain, headaches/migraines and carpal tunnel. In other words, if pain is caused by soft tissue, we can relieve it, people just don’t realize that most of the conditions are caused by muscle tension.

C5: Can you share a success story you are particularly proud of?

OF: Every client is a significant success for me. I’m particularly proud of those who have avoided surgery because of the therapy, as well as those who accomplished a big dream like running a marathon or even triathlon without pain and injuries. I hope people will incorporate seeing a massage therapist into their health routine as frequently as they see the dentist. It can relieve pain and prevent injury.

I encourage people who to visit our website and sign up for our monthly educational newsletters. We want to educate people about how your body works and how you can keep it in top condition.

To learn more about Olea Massage or to schedule your appointment, visit their website.