The best spots to watch NFL games in Charlotte, no matter which team you support

Tavern on the Tracks.

We recently published a list of the best places to watch the Panthers, if you’re a fan. But there are a lot of transplants living here in the Queen City, and the love they have for their teams didn’t magically disappear just because they moved to Charlotte.

Then there are native Charlotteans, some of whom might remember a Charlotte before the Panthers came in 1995. Without a hometown team, they chose to follow dynastic teams like San Francisco or Dallas, or teams that were somewhat close geographically, like Washington or Atlanta.

It can be hard being a fan of a team from another city or state, especially if you’re not sure where to catch the game or find other fans. Fortunately Charlotte has several bars that cater to fans of other franchises. Some of those bars even go out of their way to entice fans with specials, watch parties and game day menus.

It wasn’t hard finding some of these bars, especially for the more popular or longstanding teams. But for other teams, we’re coming up short. If you’re a fan of any of the teams at the end of this article, let us know if you’ve found a great spot in town to watch your team and we’ll add them in.

Baltimore Ravens

Sip Bar & Cellar

200 N. Tryon St. 

When the Panthers beat the Baltimore Ravens this year, fans of the latter team consoled themselves at Sip Bar and Cellar, home of the Queen City Ravens Nest. In addition to being a host bar for Ravens fans, the Queen City Ravens also host tailgates — complete with a big, purple bus.

Buffalo Bills

Tavern on the Tracks.

Tavern on the Tracks

1411 S Tryon St.

“It started with a hot dog and a beer, and now it’s 40 to 50 people here at 7 a.m. every week.” That’s how co-founder Andy Murray describes the rise of the Charlotte Bills Backers Club, which meets at Tavern on the Tracks for each game.

Carolina Panthers

We just published this list of the best spots to watch Panthers games, so take your pick. 

Chicago Bears

Wild Wing Cafe University

9539 Pinnacle Dr #200

As rich in history as the Chicago Bears are, you know there are a few faithful fans in the Queen City. Many of them are members of Da Bears Charlotte Area Fan Club, a group that meets at Wild Wing Cafe University to enjoy the game, drink specials and 10% off food for Bears fans.

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals Fans at Greystone Pub.

Greystone Pub

3039 South Blvd.

Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals meet regularly at Greystone Pub, a longstanding Charlotte bar and restaurant with beer and wine, “Capri Stone” pouch cocktails and Greek-inspired pub fare.

Cleveland Browns

Flight Beer and Garden Music Hall

314 N College St

You have to admire fans of the Cleveland Browns. They haven’t had much to cheer for in recent years, but it looks like things are finally looking up in Cleveland. The Carolina Browns Backers, an official chapter of Browns Backers Worldwide, meet at Flight Beer Garden and Music Hall in uptown Charlotte for every game.

Dallas Cowboys

Mallard Creek Hickory Tavern

2005 E Arbors Dr.

The local nonprofit fan club Cowboys Stars of the Carolinas makes it a point to travel to Dallas every year, but when they are home you can often find them watching the game at the Mallard Creek Hickory Tavern. The nonprofit also organizes a fan fest, Christmas gala and yearly service projects.

Denver Broncos

Photo via Lucky’s Bar and Arcade on Facebook.

Bottled and Tapped

20124 W Catawba Ave c, Cornelius, NC

There doesn’t seem to be a large enough contingent of Broncos fans to justify a team bar (perhaps a relief to Panthers fans still sore about Super Bowl 50). But Bottled and Tapped in Cornelius was started by Shelly Stevenson and Dan Johnson, who left the beer mecca of Colorado to start their bottle shop in Cornelius.

Detroit Lions

Lucky’s Bar and Arcade

300 N College St #104

In a recent Facebook event page, Lucky’s Bar and Arcade described their allegiance thusly: “It’s the NFL season and we love all teams that wear Black, Silver & White….That means our hometown Cats and the Cats from Detroit!” Lions fans can not only catch their team’s games here through NFL Ticket, but they can do so while playing arcades, pinball games and air hockey.

Green Bay Packers

Blackfinn Ameripub

14825 Ballantyne Village Way Suite 100 

If you’re a cheesehead, consider joining the Green Bay Packers Fans of Charlotte, North Carolina at Blackfinn Ameripub in Ballantyne. The group, now in its third year, enjoys bratwursts and cheese curds on the game day menu, with free shots for every Packers touchdown. Blackfinn even made a Packers-themed burger for the team’s Thursday night matchup against the Seahawks, complete with bratwurst, sauerkraut, sautéed onions and, of course, two kinds of cheese (beer cheese and cheese curds).

Kansas City Chiefs

The Union

222 E Bland St #200

While there doesn’t seem to be a consensus Kansas City bar, some of the Charlotte Chiefs Fans have been getting together at The Union in South End (in the space formerly home to Helles and Dunkel, and before that World of Beer).

Miami Dolphins

Queen Park Social

4125 Yancey Rd.

On Sundays, Queen Park Social is a sea of aqua and orange as members of the Charlotte Dolfans Club come in to cheer on their team. One of the 30-plus Miami Dolphins Out of Town Clubs, the Charlotte Dolfans Club raises money every week for the Dolphins Cancer Challenge (they’ve raised more than $2,500 so far).

New England Patriots

Beantown Tavern

130 Matthews Station St, Matthews, NC

Whether you hail from New England or just hopped on a bandwagon and never got off, Beantown Tavern in Matthews is a great spot to catch Patriot games.

New Orleans Saints

Topgolf Charlotte

8024 Savoy Corporate Dr.

No Panthers fan wants to see black and gold right now, and so perhaps it’s for the best that WHO DAT Nation of Charlotte, NC often watches the game in a private room at Topgolf.

New York Giants

The Local.

The Local

105 E 5th St.

Despite its name and a panther on its mural outside, The Local is a self-professed New York Giants bar. The bar welcomes in fans of the Big Blue with watch parties, where the game is played with full sound and on the big screen.

New York Jets

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille

911 E Morehead St.

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille isn’t just a great bar to watch the Panthers — it’s a fine place for Jets fans, too. The Charlotte Jets Fans have been meeting here for years.

Oakland Raiders

Infused Bar

3041, 312 N Myers St.

It’s been a tough season for Raider Nation, but at least they can claim their own bar in the Queen City. This past summer, Infused announced they would be home to a local fan club.

Philadelphia Eagles

Steamer’s Sports Pub

1513 Pierson Dr.

Steamer’s Sports Pub is home to the Charlotte Chapter of the Official Philadelphia Eagles Fan Club. If you’re a fan of the reigning Super Bowl champs, know that you’ll find birds of a feather here (though the bar also claims to be home to the Panthers, Dolphins, Browns and Steelers, for what it’s worth).

Pittsburgh Steelers


201 E 5th St.

The home of Steeltown in Uptown, Fitzgerald’s boasts 37 TVs and plenty of room for you to wave your Terrible Towels.

San Francisco 49ers

Strike City

210 E Trade St D-164

At Strike City, the 49er Faithful of Charlotte can bowl, dine on a variety of pizzas, or simply watch their team while enjoying local beers or “Big Swig” cocktails.

Seattle Seahawks

Lucky Lou’s Tavern

5124 Park Rd.

Charlotte’s a long way from Seattle, and yet the Carolina Sea Hawkers meet at Lucky Lou’s Tavern — not just to enjoy the game with other “12s,” but often to raise funds for various charities.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fox and Hound

9325 Center Lake Dr #200

Given the Tampa Bay Buccaneers share a division with the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte is enemy territory for Bucs fans. That hasn’t stopped the Carolina Buccaneers Krewe, a local fan club, from meeting at the Fox and Hound near Northlake Mall (and also organizing tailgating events throughout the season).

Washington Redskins

Whisky River

2413, 210 E Trade St A-208

Which team did Charlotteans root for before the Panthers came to town? Many cheered for the Washington Redskins, and still do. If you’re a member of the Charlotte Redskins Fans, that might mean attending watch parties at Whisky River at the Epicentre.

Teams without a home (that we could find)

Arizona Cardinals

There was a stretch there when it seemed the Panthers played the Cardinals nearly every year (and the Panthers beat them twice in the playoffs during the 2014 and 2015 seasons). But where can Carolina Cardinals fans watch their team when they’re not playing in our market?

Atlanta Falcons

Given the city’s proximity to Charlotte, you’d think there’d be a lot of transplant from Atlanta. But of course, it might be financially dangerous for a bar to support one of the Panthers biggest rivals. That said, Taco Mac is based out of Atlanta.

Houston Texans

The local Flying Saucer franchise has been pouring craft beer in Charlotte long before most anyone else, but the company has Texas ties (the first Saucer opened in Fort Worth more than 20 years ago).

Indianapolis Colts

They have horseshoes on their helmets and a quarterback named Luck, and you’ll need just that to find a Colts bar in Charlotte.  

Jacksonville Jaguars

As that other feline expansion team from 1995, the Jacksonville Jaguars will forever be linked with the Carolina Panthers. But if you’re a Sacksonville fan, where do you watch the game in Charlotte? (That’s not rhetorical, we’re really not sure on this one.)

Los Angeles Chargers/Rams

The real question: do fans of these teams seek out bars associated with Los Angeles, or San Diego and St. Louis?

Minnesota Vikings

Stop trying to make Valhalla Pub and Eatery a Vikings bar, everybody. It’s apparently not going to happen. But if you do know of a bar that will let you don horns and yell “Skol,” let us know.

Tennessee Titans

We might share a border with Tennessee, but finding a bar that caters to Titans fans proves tough.


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