Yes, newly opened Tipsy Burro has $2 PBRs like The Thirsty Beaver


If the only thing missing in your PBR-sipping Thirsty Beaver experience is a plate of chips and guacamole, the Tipsy Burro is about to make all of your dreams come true.

Owned by Brian and Mark Wilson, the same brothers who created The Thirsty Beaver Saloon in Plaza Midwood and The Rat’s Nest in NoDa, the Burro recently opened in the Chantilly/Grier Heights neighborhoods, across the street from Lupie’s Cafe. Like the Beaver, The Tipsy Burro Saloon & Cantina is likely to be an unassuming neighborhood joint with regulars hanging out at the bar and the Wilsons greeting people by name.

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Thirsty Beaver fans, fear not: there’s still $2 PBR and High Life on the drinks menu, along with plenty of other canned and bottled beers. Margs range from $6 for Jose Cuervo to $9 for Patron.

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If you’re not into beer or margs (do those people exist?) they offer a full bar as well. As someone who generally stays away from restaurant margaritas due to the high sugary mix-to-tequila ratio, I was impressed with the Burro’s Grande Tipsy on the rocks. (To be fair, I did ask the bartender to use a “heavy hand,” but she didn’t disappoint.) I could actually taste the tequila and didn’t go home on a sugar high, which is worth $7 in my book.


The food is straightforward but tasty, and each menu item offers a vegetarian option as well. A taco will cost you a little more than a beer at $2.50, and you’ll spend less than $10 on burritos, quesadillas and fajitas. My vegan-self ordered tacos with soy crumbles, hold the cheese and add avocado. My fiancé ordered the pork tacos that were the night’s special.


We continually said yes when our waiter offered us more chips (which was a lot) and then attempted to roll each other up the sidewalk back to our apartment. #noregrets.

The Tipsy Burro: 2711 Monroe Road. Find hours here.

Photos: Ensley Gilchrist


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