Get ready for a Lincoln’s Haberdashery & Provisions, the new food market in South End


With the closing of Common Market leaving a hole in the SouthEnd food scene for the time being, one new project may close the gap a little.

Michael Shortino, owner of the popular ramen-and-more Futo Buta on Bland Street, plans to open Lincoln’s Haberdashery & Provisions just around the corner, in a vacant space in the Factory South building, 1300 South Blvd., within the next three months.

If you’ve been around Charlotte for a few years, it’s in the now-vacant spot where the Original Pancake House used to be. (And if you’re been around Charlotte for a long, long time, it’s the same building where the Lance cracker factory used to be.) Most recently, it was Southend Tavern.

Shortino says Lincoln’s will be a food-focused market, with fast-casual and grab-and-go breakfast and lunch items, probably an organic salad bar, a barista for coffee and possibly a sushi case. With about 4,200 square feet to use, Shortino also expects to move some of the noodle and broth-making for Futo Buta into the new space and out of the small restaurant that faces on the Lynx tracks.

The location is really convenient for Shortino: He has a condo in the same building.

“I live in this neighborhood and if I need a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer or a loaf of bread – anything quick – I’ve got to go to Publix, park, ride the elevator.” The neighborhood needs more convenient food, he says. He expects the hours to be early morning until night, with the focus on breakfast and lunch.

As for the name, Lincoln’s Haberdashery? Well, the Provision part is more important than the Haberdashery part. There may be fun items, but “no clothing – no men’s clothing,” he says.

So why Lincoln?

“Why not Lincoln?” Shortino jokes. Actually, he says, there are local ties: There are legends, never proven, that Abraham Lincoln may have been born in Bostic, N.C., an hour west of Charlotte, instead of Kentucky, his official birthplace.

Meanwhile, another SouthEnd food business is still planned but delayed. Blake Barnes, co-owner of Common Market, which lost its space nearby to redevelopment, says the new SouthEnd location at 235 W. Tremont St. is under way, but has been delayed until probably the fall.

Barnes says the new location will have a huge patio, about 4,000 square feet, that will have two levels and be partially covered, with space for live music.

He says it will be “the first double-decker patio in the city of Charlotte.” He’ll still have beer, wine and sandwiches, with the kitchen operations focused in the new Oakhurst Common Market, which he expects to open by mid-April.

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