Two new restaurants headed to Blakeney—one by Pisces Sushi’s former owner

Courtesy of Jason Cheung
Bubble waffles at Open Rice

With bubble waffles and chef-inspired signature dishes, Blakeney Shopping Center will soon welcome two new dining options: Open Rice in May and a new Burtons Grill and Bar in June.

Open Rice is a new concept being introduced by former Pisces Sushi owner Jason Cheung. The restaurant will serve Asian-based food — but not fusion-style. “I wanted to bring Open Rice to Charlotte because I can never find food that I enjoy,” Cheung told CharlotteFive. “I’m from Hong Kong, and I wanted dishes that I like to eat.”

The restaurant will feature Asian street food and comfort food. “The bubble waffles will be a hit. We will be the first place in Charlotte to have them,” Cheung said. The dessert waffles can be customized with ice cream, toppings and drizzles. “We will put our own spin on the original Hong Kong dessert.”

Other Asian-inspired specialties include roast duck, noodle dishes and even Korean kimchi fried rice.

Courtesy of Jason Cheung

Open Rice will offer a variety of Asian beverages, such as Vietnamese coffee and Hong Kong milk tea. Wine, craft beer and sake will also be served.

Lunch options will average at $9. Dinner options will include appetizers starting at $5 and entrees averaging at $14 — all part of Cheung’s initiative to keep prices reasonable.

Cheung said the atmosphere will be fun and modern, with lots of booths and a 1,000-square-foot patio.

Burtons to bring similar Park Road feel to South Charlotte

Courtesy of Burtons Grill and Bar

Burtons at Blakeney will be Massachusetts-based restaurant’s 17th U.S. location.

“We introduced our first Charlotte location at Park Road Shopping Center a year and a half ago, and we have been well-received,” CEO Kevin Harron said. “Charlotte is really a great place.”

“This new location will be a little smaller than what we’re used to,” he said.

The plan is to keep the menu simple for the first few weeks, to get a feel for what customers like. From there, the chefs will begin to introduce their own signature dishes. “Our commitment is still to those with food allergies and making sure we understand our customer’s dietary needs,” Harron said.

The Blakeney location will feature a 60-seat patio with a polished-casual atmosphere. “We consider ourselves to be somewhere between high end and casual,” Herron said.

The restaurants will be located at 9870 Rea Road.

Courtesy of Blakeney Shopping Center


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