Meet and vote on CharlotteFive’s Most Eligible bachelors and bachelorettes for 2018


Welcome to year three of CharlotteFive’s Most Eligible bachelor/bachelorette contest! We took in more than 100 nominations, from people nominating themselves to people nominating friends. We whittled down the finalists with a panel comprised of our CharlotteFive team members, to bring you a solid mix of eligible singles ages 21-35.

We’re ready to present to you the finalists: The 10 Most Eligible Bachelors and 10 Most Eligible Bachelorettes in Charlotte for 2018.

Don’t miss our Dec. 11 event from 6 – 9 p.m. at Dilworth Tasting Room, where you can meet our finalists and vote on CharlotteFive’s Most Eligible bachelor and bachelorette. Each ticket includes two drinks, as well as appetizers (and maybe even the chance to find love). Get your tickets now.

Can’t make it? Vote online now through this link or in the form below. And scroll down to see photos and bios of our Most Eligible finalists.

Meet the bachelorettes

Holly Lee

Age: 29

Occupation: Corporate Retail

Hometown: Smithfield, NC

Best pick-up line? How do you pronounce your phone number?

Biggest turn-off? Not having your own Netflix account.

Go-to casual date spot? Common Market South End

Go-to classy date spot? Angeline’s

Karaoke song? Free Your Mind – En Vogue

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Reliable, spontaneous, charitable, funny, family-oriented.

Fawn Anderson

Age: 30

Occupation: Media Consultant

Hometown: Ocean Springs, MS

Best pick-up line? Do you play soccer? You look like a keeper.

Biggest turn-off? Dishonesty. Fakes.

Go-to casual date spot? Wooden Robot Brewery.

Go-to classy date spot? La Belle Helene.

Karaoke song? Anything by Fleetwood Mac.

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Intelligent, cultured, creative, adventurous, genuine.

Sydney Rush

Age: 23

Occupation: Future Flight Attendant

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Best pick-up line? Let’s grab a beer and some Chick-fil-A.

Biggest turn-off? Too touchy / clingy.

Go-to casual date spot? Jeff’s Bucket Shop.

Go-to classy date spot? Soul Gastrolounge.

Karaoke song? Tiny Dancer – Elton John.

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: A good sense of humor, doesn’t take himself too seriously, adventurous, honest, kind to others.

Michelle Smith

Age: 33

Occupation: Human Resources Manager

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Best pick-up line? Hey, you’re cute and I’m pretty. Together we’d be pretty cute.

Biggest turn-off? Tardiness… highly dislike someone who is always late.

Go-to casual date spot? Queen Park Social or TopGolf.

Go-to classy date spot? Good Food on Montford or Merchant & Trade.

Karaoke song? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Sense of humor, integrity, mutual respect, affection, loyalty.

Alix Tucci

Age: 25

Occupation: Financial Advisor

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Best pick-up line? I don’t really have one. I introduce myself and ask a rotating question like “sunrise or sunset?” Or “waffles or pancakes?”

Biggest turn-off? Being rude to others, not a dog person, smoker.

Go-to casual date spot? U.S. National Whitewater Center.

Go-to classy date spot? Any rooftop bar.

Karaoke song? Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Having a passion/sense of purpose, being adventurous, confident yet open-minded, intelligent yet inquisitive, caring and compassionate.

Kayley Dana

Age: 25

Occupation: Underwriter Associate

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Best pick-up line? Are you a campfire? Cause you’re hot and I want s’more.

Biggest turn-off? Lying and cigarettes.

Go-to casual date spot? Bang Bang Burgers, Seoul Food and Meat Company, or Hoppin’.

Go-to classy date spot? Yamazaru or Soul Gastrolounge.

Karaoke song? Tik Tok – Kesha

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Sense of humor, caring, trustworthy, adventurous, active but with a dad bod.

Meghan Fillnow

Age: 35

Occupation: Running/triathlon coach.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Best pick-up line? “You seem really nice, and really cute. Please don’t be married.”

Biggest turn-off? People who don’t do what they say they’re going to do.

Go-to casual date spot? Yafo.

Go-to classy date spot? Cowfish.

Karaoke song? “Oops! … I Did It Again” – Britney Spears

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner:Strong faith, trustworthy, sense of humor, motivated, compassionate.

Hayley Hoffman

Age: 27

Occupation: Preschool Teacher.

Hometown: Weddington, NC

Best pick-up line? Are you Australian? Because you meet all of my koala-fications.

Biggest turn-off? Anything the type of guys who wear white sunglasses do.

Go-to casual date spot? Amelie’s.

Go-to classy date spot? Chima.

Karaoke song? All Coming Back to Me Now – Celine Dion.

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Strong faith, funny, tall, good hair, doesn’t live in his parents’ basement.

Stephanie Perez

Age: 22

Occupation: Executive Assistant at Bank of America and Wedding Photographer.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Best pick-up line? Are you Australian? Because you meet all my koala-fications. (Editor’s note: Yes, you already read that one. There are only so many pick-up lines out there, okay?)

Biggest turn-off? Small talk.

Go-to casual date spot? Sycamore Brewing.

Go-to classy date spot? “The Nutcracker” at the Charlotte Ballet at Christmastime.

Karaoke song? “The Climb” – Miley Cyrus

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Respectful, honest, funny, values health and fitness, down to earth.

Most eligible bachelors:

Mark Ashcraft

Age: 31

Occupation: Financial Analyst

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Best pick-up line? I must be a snowflake, because I’ve fallen for you.

Biggest turn-off? Poor dental hygiene.

Go-to casual date spot? Joining me on a dog walk with Siberian Husky, Maya

Go-to classy date spot? Haberdish

Karaoke song? My Way – Frank Sinatra

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Sense of humor, honesty, integrity, affection, empathy.

Larry Subramanian

Age: 30

Occupation: Project Management / Procurement Specialist at Ingersoll Rand

Hometown: East Lyme, CT

Best pick-up line? Hi, I’m Larry. I can fold a fitted sheet in under 10 minutes.

Biggest turn-off? Not loving dogs with all your heart.

Go-to casual date spot? Dilworth Tasting Room.

Go-to classy date spot? Angeline’s or La Belle Helene.

Karaoke song? Rock Your Body – Justin Timberlake

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Caring/supportive, ambitious, patient, open communication, honesty.

Matt Grant

Age: 35

Occupation: Investigative Reporter

Hometown: Syosset, NY

Best pick-up line? Hi.

Biggest turn-off? Derailing plans.

Go-to casual date spot? Dilworth Tasting Room.

Go-to classy date spot? Merchant & Trade.

Karaoke song? I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Honest, funny, someone who can put up with tons of questions, kind, someone who won’t ghost.

Andrew Korenkiewicz

Age: 27

Occupation: Design Engineer

Hometown: Centreville, VA

Best pick-up line? Usually go the compliment route, pick-up lines are too generic.

Biggest turn-off? Flakiness.

Go-to casual date spot? Sycamore Brewing or Wooden Robot Brewery.

Go-to classy date spot? Angeline’s.

Karaoke song? The Middle – Jimmy Eat World.

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Sense of humor, adventurous, goal oriented, independent, open minded.

Ryan Martin

Age: 33

Occupation: Account Director

Hometown: Bettendorf, IA

Best pick-up line? How about we rearrange the alaphabet and put U and I together.

Biggest turn-off? Smoking cigarettes.

Go-to casual date spot? Craft.

Go-to classy date spot? Soul Gastrolounge.

Karaoke song? Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Charismatic, funny, athletic, ambitious, adventurous.

Rick Denenno

Age: 29

Occupation: Sales Manager

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Best pick-up line? No pick-up line.

Biggest turn-off? Being materialistic.

Go-to casual date spot? U.S. National Whitewater Center.

Go-to classy date spot? Kindred.

Karaoke song? Hard to Handle – The Black Crows

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Spontaneous, trustworthy, funny, ambitious, beautiful.

Tyler Hardy

Age: 24

Occupation: Accountant

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Best pick-up line? C 37. Oh sorry, you were just looking like a snack…

Biggest turn-off? Not being open to trying new things.

Go-to casual date spot? My kitchen, for one of my signature pork chops!

Go-to classy date spot? Haberdish.

Karaoke song? With Arms Wide Open – Creed

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Considerate, witty, confident, romantic, single.

John Holloway

Age: 27

Occupation: Engineering

Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Best pick-up line? Hey -insert small talk- wanna grab a drink?

Biggest turn-off? Lying or messy people.

Go-to casual date spot? Sycamore Brewing.

Go-to classy date spot? Leroy Fox.

Karaoke song? Low Places – Garth Brooks

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Enjoys outdoors, likes to go out for dinner and drinks, family oriented, goes to church, goal oriented.

Harrison Pollan

Age: 29

Occupation: Credit Analyst

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Best pick-up line? What was your last adventure?

Biggest turn-off? Close mindedness.

Go-to casual date spot? Legion Brewing SouthPark.

Go-to classy date spot? Soul Gastrolounge.

Karaoke song? Hold Me – Matt Nathanson

5 characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: Intelligence, sense of humor, well-read, well-traveled, sense of adventure.

Questions? Email us at

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  1. Charlotte isn’t diverse, far from it, contrary to what Charlotteans may think it is and what Charlotte is pretending and trying it to be.

    And the Bachelors… most are in finance. Charlotte is overrun by the finance bros. Hope they meet the bachelorettes’ koala-fication$. Good luck to all that.


  2. Lazy, hypocrite racists and their distain for white people using “diversity” in place of “too many white people”…lmao!


  3. An artist uses a “white” canvas as his base in order to show color.

    Remember, without “white”, there is no color…or what you lib-terds call “diversity”.

  4. Are these really the most eligible people in the city or just the most eligible people the C5 staff know? Because honestly, if this is the best list you guys could come up with, wow. Seriously, one of the most eligible bachelorettes is a future flight attendant and one of the guys likes to sing Creed. Ugh, Charlotte, be better.

  5. You mix and match any of these bachelorettes to the bachelors and these are whom one would pretty much see in Charlotte– uptown, South End, NoDa, …– esp. on weekend nights.

    And one wonders why they are “eligible”. Maybe they ask for too much koalifications or have the same pick-up lines.

  6. Parsing this post…

    Powered by Malak Jewelers: Diamond Specialists (and this should be an indication of the type of bachelors and bachelorettes)

    Event at Dilworth Tasting Room (Dilworth — where the young affluent live and play, and where the homes are primarily bungalows

    Biggest turn-off not having your own Netflix account (seriously?, maybe the guy likes to read, you know, like books, or maybe of watching films in a theater)

    Future Flight Attendant (okay)

    Best pick-up line? Let’s grab a beer and some Chick-fil-A. (again, okay)

    Go-to classy date spot? Any rooftop bar. (right-o)

    Go-to classy date spot? Chima. (aaahahahaa, ha, ha, ha, ha… nothing classy about Chima — pretentious, exaggerated, classless)

    characteristics you’re looking for in a partner: …tall, good hair, … (okay)

    Best pick-up line? Are you Australian?… (not even gonna repeat and finish that)

    Go-to classy date spot? Haberdish (classy? more like casual)

    Procurement Specialist (okay, part 3. Procure this)

    Go-to casual date spot? Dilworth Tasting Room. (X2) (Dilworth, ’nuff said)

    Holly, Fawn, Alix, Kayley, Meghan, Hayley, Tyler, Harrison (oh, dear, could those names be any more whiter? awesome! totally! like, yeah, whatever)

    Karaoke song? (Karaoke song? What? Seriously? Okay. The decline of this 21-35 generation’s civilization)

    These are more like Tinder profiles. Bachelors and bachelorettes — yes. Eligible? No.

  7. To racist QU…you left out Michelle and Stephanie. I guess those are less “whiter” names…in your “diverse” opinion.

    Based on your comments, it’s easy to assume that QU could mean Quite Uneducated…or is that “Qwhite Uneducated”?

    • Merely pointing out how white the candidates are does not make one a racist. And of course an ad hominem attack — when once cannot disprove the truth of the comment or the soundness of the argument. If you see racism in that comment, maybe you’re the racist and a member of and attends alt-right events. BTW, Michelle Obama, hello.

      An since you started the ad hominem attack — based on your name, it must stand for Fresh of hibernation underwater, dick. Or Fool of having uneducation, dick! Enjoy dating these privileged and self-entitled bachelor and bachelorettes. Make Dating in Charlotte Great Again! Good afternoon.

      • Your punctuation is getting better, but not qwhite there yet. I believe you were attempting to start a sentence with the conjunction “And”. Forget that formal writing grammatical error, but you also used “An” instead. Again, your moniker speaks for itself, Qwhite Uneducated.

        Love the Michelle Obama reference…that’s qwhite diverse of you, how many more can Google pick up for you?

        In all honestly, sounds like your racist self is butt-hurt that you’re not on this list. Maybe QU means “Qwhite Under-qualified”.

        Get a job, and get on with your angry self. Lmao!

  8. This list makes Charlotte look bad…possibly worse than it really is. Might want to consider pulling this event and article. Unfortunate…

  9. Fawn seems like the most down-to-earth, smart, kind, calm, fun, supportive, honest, modest, friendly, responsible, appreciative, and has a good heart and sense of humor. Why is she here?

  10. I too shall boycott M&M, for there are no white ones.

    During this lifetime, my tenure of being a chocolate connoisseur has been nothing short of pure excitement, joy and whim.

    I have decided to spend more time with candies that include diversity and attend to race-conscious issues that have recently arisen such as BlLM. I am proud to have consumed of such an outstanding confectionery and I wish M&M and its parent company, Mars, Incorporated, only the finest in future endeavors.

  11. I am just reading the article and the comments. The shame of it all here is the divide of those that live in Charlotte. Yes, this list lacks a diversity of people. And, saying so doesn’t make one a racist. What I believe people, whatever their nationality, are looking for are representations of themselves and their culture. Be it Black/African American, Hispanic, German, Indian, African, etc. CharlotteFive, I hope you’ve taken note that your readers want more. Oh and to those that have been arguing, can you do so without tearing down those that were chosen? They participated in the contest. They were chosen through a process. No one has a right to disrespect others and their thoughts and/or dreams. While you may not agree with their answers, stating so in an educated and dignified way is far better than trashing the speaker.


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