Moo & Brew now has a new CBD-infused menu. Here’s what you need to know.


Moo & Brew in Plaza Midwood has officially launched an ‘OG Green Menu’, otherwise known as a CBD-infused menu, over the weekend.

So why did the guys behind Moo & Brew want to experiment with infusing CBD into their menu items?

“We just thought it was cool,” said Ian Terhune, managing partner at Moo & Brew. “The hemp bill is about to pass this coming week. It’s supposed to be finished and submitted to both sides on Monday, which will mean anyone can grow it [the hemp]. Not to mention the health benefits [about the CBD]…”

The limited time menu has limited quantities available per day. Here’s what you can order…

Keep Off The Grass*

Angus beef, fried cheese curds, arugula, OG green vinaigrette, pickled green tomatoes, CBD aioli, with a regular side, $14.

Not Your Father’s Fries

Large portion of fries with CBD-infused oil drizzle, cascade shake, served with CBD aioli, $7.

Green Thumb Salad

Field green mix, pickled green tomatoes, diced cucumbers, green onions, avocado, roasted red peppers, cascade nuggets and the OG green vinaigrette, $12.

Moo & Brew gets the hemp from Ball Creek, a fourth generation family-owned and operated, 100% organic farm located in North Carolina’s “golden tobacco belt”. This farm practices a strict conservation program to ensure their soil’s microbiology is safe to produce the healthiest hemp varieties possible.

(And before everyone floods the comment section: those are hemp buds or flowers, sometimes called “nuggets,” in the glass jar.)


  1. What we actually need to know is not in this marketing piece. What concentrations are we talking about? This is such a ridiculous marketing stunt, but the article has nothing about what we really need to know about cbd in food.


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