The characteristics of modern homes—and where to find them in Charlotte


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Clean lines, simple design, modern materials and lots of style — what’s not to love about modern architecture where form follows function?

Modern design, not to be confused with midcentury modern architecture, stands out with open, flexible living spaces, exposed natural materials like wood and brick fused with industrial accents, a focus on good use of space, lots of light and minimal decoration.

Historically, Charlotte has been fairly conservative in the architecture department. However with the influx of people moving to the Queen City from the West Coast and South West where modern architecture has been popular for decades, a market has emerged for this new modern construction that promotes a clean and minimalist lifestyle.

Modern architecture is typically boxy, angular, overt and deceptively complex, fusing the warmth of wood with solid industrial finishes such as glass, stone and steel. Clean lines continue to modern outdoor spaces like rooftop terraces, which are a must-have for homes located within a few miles of Uptown.

“Without a doubt, my modern homes sell faster than any other architectural style,” says Jennifer Monroe, Savvy + Co. Real Estate listing agent for WestMods. If a modern homes sounds like your style, check out five modern homes with rooftop terraces coming soon in Historic Biddleville. The first home for WestMods sold in less than one day, adds Monroe.

Toby Witte the owner of Wittehaus, an award-winning design and construction company in Charlotte, appreciates that true modern homes go way beyond architecture.

Part of what is making this modern design so popular is how easily it infuses – even supports – modern day living. “These homes have the unique advantage over other styles to meet the ever-changing lifestyle of the up and coming generations. With open floor plans it is at ease adapting to many different living arrangements. It’s suave and clean lines also dispenses with all that’s old and stuffy. When you look up from your iPhone or out of your Tesla, a traditional home just doesn’t cut it anymore,” says Toby. “With an influx of modern homes in Charlotte we have noticed a trend towards amore classic feel of modern away from the mid-century modern homes this city has plenty of.”

Buyers fall in love with the clean lines, simple forms, cubist look, tall ceilings and kitchens with large islands that merge the living and dining area into one space, notes Toby. Modern homes have a unique way of blending these and other unique stand-out characteristics with warmth that make these spaces feel like home. Below are a few features you can find in a modern home:

Cool concrete floors

Who needs hardwood floors when you can have cool concrete? Polished concrete is having its moment and making a statement in today’s modern design. It’s low maintenance and easy to clean with all the strength and durability of a highway. Plus, there are plenty of ways to make it homey and stylish!

Sleek kitchens with fun cabinets

Modern kitchens don’t have to feel sparse and stark. Pump up the party in the heart of the home with some chic kitchen cabinets that warm up the space and add a visual element to the room.

Natural elements

Many of today’s modern homes bring the outdoors in with the warmth and texture of natural elements like wood, copper and granite. Adding natural elements to your urban abode creates a soothing atmosphere that is both classic and inviting and gives you warm, fuzzy feels.

Dramatic ceiling heights

When it comes to ceilings heights, things are looking up – literally! Perfectly paired with spacious, open floor plans and lots of windows to allow in natural light, high ceilings can create bright spaces that emphasize eye-catching chandeliers and pendant lights.

Indoor-outdoor living areas

Great modern-day design offers incredible opportunities for indoor and outdoor living. Take the party outside where patios and decks are destination locales rather than transition spaces. These outdoor rooms can extend the living space of a home and offer a refuge to spend quality time with family and friends away from those screens that can get in the way.

A well put together modern home is like a favorite little black dress or stand out pair of shoes. They can go anywhere, always make the right statement and complement any situation.

“Because these homes are so unique, they fit into any neighborhood and always manage to be a standout. They are timeless, beautiful, functional and a little bit magical,” says Monroe.

“There is nothing like moving into a brand new modern home. With the house at the beginning of its life cycle you get to enjoy the quality of up-to-date building methods, low energy usage and a lifestyle that meets the 21st century,” says Toby.

“Buyers want a house that stands out on the block,” adds Lexie Longstreet, Savvy + Co. Real Estate listing agent for 2420 Lydia Avenue, a modern home recently listed for sale in Villa Heights. 2420 Lydia Avenue was designed by Jahan Nourbakhsh of Dialect Design and built by Qube11. So why not think outside the box or in it! See what modern is all about when you take a tour of 2420 Lydia Avenue this Saturday,October 6 from 2- 4 p.m.

Now that you are a mad for modern, contact a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent to learn more about this hot style and where you can find it in the Queen City.

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