Make tailgating easier (and tastier) than ever with Midwood Smokehouse


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Picture this: it’s game day. You wake up and yank on your favorite jersey, ready to tailgate with your friends and family for a few hours before kickoff.

Now, are you going to want to cook a bunch of food, put it into tupperware containers, find utensils and napkins and pack it all up before you leave? Or would you rather have all of your favorite tailgating foods prepared and packed up for you so you can just focus on having fun with your crew?

Yeah, we thought you might prefer that second option.

Thankfully, Midwood Smokehouse makes it easy to stop by one of their four locations in the Charlotte area (or the one in Columbia, SC) to grab mouthwatering wings, pork or smoked chicken with a bunch of sides for your tailgate or watch party.

With the restaurant’s ‘Cue for the Crew Group To-Go Menu, you can customize your order with smoked meats by the pound, any of your favorite sides (we’re eyeing that mac and cheese), sliders, desserts and more.

Or you can simplify things even further by ordering a Party Pack. All you do is identify how many people you’re serving, then choose two meats and two sides—and Midwood Smokehouse will cook ’em up and throw in all the sauces, slider buns, plates and utensils you need to get the party started.

Bonus: if you don’t feel like calling the restaurant directly, Party Packs are now available both online and via DoorDash. And if you’re getting the “small” Party Pack that feeds four to six people, it can even be delivered straight to your tailgate!

Or if you’re a “go big or go home” kind of fan looking to feed a larger amount of people, you could even hire Plate Perfect Catering to to come to your house and drop off an entire buffet of your favorite Midwood Smokehouse menu items for you and your crew.

So next time, skip the stress of cooking and packing up all of your tailgate food before game day. Let Midwood Smokehouse do the work for you, and you can just show up ready to enjoy the fresh, tasty meal waiting for you.

Want to learn more about Midwood Smokehouse? Click here for more information.


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