6 items to try when MERE’s wine shop opens in Dilworth today

Cheese board at Mere's in Dilworth at the soft opening night. Photo by Katie Toussaint

During today’s Sept. 5 grand opening of MERE’s in Dilworth, guests can enjoy 10 percent off all champagne. The newest wine shop on the block is open from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. its first day, at 2400 Park Road, Suite H.

As owner Meredith Mullins shares on her website, this cheese and wine boutique is styled after European fromageries.

“MERE’S is a celebration of my passion for wine, cheese and—most importantly—people,” she posted. “The boutique is a place to come together and connect over a dynamic, scrumptious plate of cheese and charcuterie accompanied by an excellent glass of wine or craft brew. I look forward to the times and years ahead, creating the buzz and celebrating life through palatable experiences… together.”
Mere’s exterior in Dilworth. Photo by Katie Toussaint
The shop features a modest patio with flower pots, and an interior stretching like a wide hallway with tables and tall windows. But it’s filled to the brim with goods. Here are 6 items to try at the new shop:

(1) The featured sandwich of the day.

Don’t come looking for a full menu — Mullins is keeping it simple here. Instead, anticipate a sandwich of the day (it will be a surprise on Day One).

(2) Featured cheese boards of the day.

Both the featured boards (expect three to four on a given day) and sandwich will be promoted daily on Instagram, @meresclt.

(3) Wines by the glass

These will vary day to day. During Tuesday’s soft opening, wines being poured included an Undurraga pinot noir rosé and a La Lorentine Lirac red blend.

(4) Wines by the bottle

There will be a rotation of retail wines, not to mention beers. Check out the two tall fridges, plus the enormous shelf of wine bottles lining the back wall.

(5) Cheeses and meats available in bulk

From Spotted Trotter Salami to Bonne Bouche ash-ripened goat cheese — the countertop cases in the front of the shop are packed.

(6) Snacks and provisions

Whether you’re craving 2s Company gogiberry and coconut crisps for your next cheese plate, or Chaza Bros Southern hot sauce for your home cabinet, it’s here.
And don’t forget that bubbly.



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