Meet YWCA triathlon coach Jody Frazier [Partner]


Jody Frazier is a triathlon coach on a mission: As a part of the YWCA, she’s coached their YDub Tri Club running group that trains throughout the year for triathlons. She’s fit and passionate about what she does, and hopes that rubs off on other people.

CharlotteFive caught up with her about how she trains people, and how you can take steps to fulfill your dream of running a triathlon.

CharlotteFive: What would you say to somebody who’s never done a triathlon before but would like to?

Jody Frazier: Just give it a ‘tri’ [laughs]. Find a group to join, or do your research online and pick a plan, and do the workouts. YouTube is a great resource too.

C5: What do you like about the YDub team?

JF: The camaraderie, seeing athletes push themselves past their limits and watching the pride on their faces as they cross the finish line.

C5: Why did you get started in triathlons and what’s your biggest accomplishment so far?  

JF: I got started in a triathlon on a bet with my brother, and got hooked. I started doing sidestroke in a lake, hated every minute of it, but then took the fact that I couldn’t swim as a challenge. Ten years later, I completed Ironman Chattanooga, which has a 2.4 miles swim. Challenge accepted, and surpassed!

C5: What do you think of the triathlon scene in CLT?

JF: The triathlon scene seems to be split in Charlotte. You’ve got the ‘bucket list’ group who really want to have a taste of triathlon and check it off the list and move on. On the other hand, you’ve got the competitive diehards who take triathlons very seriously. I think YDub falls somewhere in the middle. We train hard, race hard, and occasionally podium. But more importantly, we encourage each other to be the best we can be, everyday during group practice, and everyday in our home, work, and family life.  We’re all so supported by each other. We are our own YDub family.    

C5: How do you stay motivated?  

JF: Having a group to hold me accountable for my workouts, and by varying my goals.  Last year my goal was IMCHOO, this year my goal is  to get myself out of my comfort zone and to try 5 styles of racing I’ve never done before.  

To learn more about the YWCA or to schedule your coaching lesson, visit their website.


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