Who: Jeremy Markovich has quite the background in television, magazines and online news outlets – he’s even a two-time regional Emmy Award Winner. So it only makes sense that Jeremy, the Senior Editor of Our State Magazine, started his own podcast called “Away Message.”

Jeremy joined us on this week’s CharlotteFive Podcast to talk about his podcast, which focuses on his travels to eight of the most remote places in North Carolina.

What: The “Away Message” podcast was created after Jeremy posed the question, “What is the most remote place in the entire state of North Carolina?'” From climbing a TV tower to traveling throughout the Great Smoky Mountains, Jeremy shared who he met, what he saw and what he learned about himself and the world in general from his adventures.

The first episode launched July 13 and episode 4 is due to come out Aug. 3. Will there be a season 2? Stay tuned for what Jeremy has to say about that.

With four episodes left, there is plenty of time to catch up on Jeremy’s travels. Learn more about the podcast here.

Anything else?

-Richard takes over as my co-host (Jesus take the wheel) since Corey and his wife Courtney welcomed a sweet baby girl named Eleanor!

-We discuss the new LYNX mobile app that was launched this week. (THANK GOODNESS!)

-And Richard gets passionate on the new(ish) Hornets uniforms.

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Cover Photo: Andrew Kornylak