Is your MBA program through a regionally accredited university? Here’s why the answer matters


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Chances are good that you have heard the term “accreditation” before in regards to educational institutions. But you may not understand exactly what the term means, or why regional accreditation is vitally important to the quality of your education. If you are looking to get your MBA, it is crucial to enroll in a university that is regionally accredited, like Gardner-Webb University. Here’s why.

Quality assurance

Many major business programs in the world, including the one at Gardner-Webb University, are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Essentially, the grueling process involves a careful and meticulous review of important facets of the university, like the learning outcomes of its students, its financial stability, the qualifications of its faculty and its track record of integrity.

As the years go by, the accreditation process has become even more rigorous. This means that prospective students can trust in the vitality of accredited institutions and can be assured that their education will be meaningful and high in quality.

Impressively, Gardner-Webb recently had its accreditation reaffirmed with no negative findings. The University has lived up to its sterling reputation — a feat of which not all learning institutions can boast.

Financial aid

Equally as important as ensuring the quality of students’ education, accreditation by ACBSP renders the school eligible to receive state and federal financial aid. Without accreditation, an institution’s students may be left to fend for themselves or seek aid from private lenders, which may not be optimal.

The accreditation process is designed to affirm that the institution is reputable and upstanding and that the education it doles out meets academic standards. The federal and state governments want to encourage quality education, which is why they provide aid to students at accredited universities over non-accredited institutions.

Getting your MBA from Gardner-Webb

Whether you are seeking to become a full-time, on-campus student or need to do your school work at your own pace from home, Gardner-Webb is an accredited university that makes getting your MBA accessible.

The school’s traditional MBA program has produced human resources directors, CEOs, CFOs and more. Now, Gardner-Webb is launching a 10-month MBA program that can fit into your busy, professional lifestyle.

You can learn more about the business school’s ACBSP accreditation here.

Apply to the new 10-month MBA course here.


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