Max & Lola Bodega adding CBD to its classic cocktails. Check out its twist on prosecco, sangria and more.

Courtesy of Max & Lola Bodega

We challenge you to find a hotter word than CBD when it comes to food trends this year.

Case in point: The Gold District’s Max & Lola Bodega is adding CBD to the cocktail classics you already know, such as sangria. It’s also mixing it up with the bubbly ones you may have yet to meet, including the CBD Mosa, which includes pineapple juice, prosecco and CBD; the Cram Pom Fizz, which has cranberry pomegranate juice, prosecco and CBD; and the Berry Cider Sparkler, which is a Cram Pom Fizz plus hard apple cider.

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The legal cannabis compound cannabidiol contains multiple medical benefits, said Max & Lola Bodega owner Holly Rodriguez.

Courtesy of Max & Lola Bodega

Research has shown that CBD can offer relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, seizures, spasms and other conditions. Anecdotally, some women say they even take CBD to help with their menstrual cramps.

“It’s important to have women — and women of color — represented in small business and CBD,” Rodriguez said. “I’m excited that people are responding to the positive, inclusive environment we’re creating at Max & Lola Bodega.”

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Don’t worry about getting drunk and high at the same time: Your boozy buzz will remain pure, as CBD doesn’t have the feelings of lethargy or dysphoria associated with THC-dominant cannabis.

Rather than using CBD oil, Rodriquez said she prefers tinctures, which blend more smoothly with the alcohol than an oil would. The cocktails have about 20 mg of CBD per serving.

Photo by Katie Toussaint

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If you’re doing dry January, there’s something for you, too. Try one of Max & Lola’s CBD non-alcoholic beverages, including tea, iced coffee, Lenny Boy “Happy Camper” kombucha and GT’s “Cannabliss” kombucha.

Max & Lola Bodega is located at 1501 S. Mint Street in The Gold District area of South End.


  1. Bodegas are known as local convenience store/deli often run by immigrant families frequently staffed by charming cats, providing a variety of minor necessities at semi-reasonable prices. I’m sure if the owner were not a minority there would’ve been an uproar about this. But I guess it’s ok to culturally appropriate one’s own culture. in the name of brewski and other psychoactive drugs chemical substances to make Charlotte tolerable.

    And yet another post from C5 that sounds like a paid ad.


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